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October 20, 2004

Arigon and Raul MaloRADIO LOVES THE DIVA! -- Arigon will add another notch to her "Live Interview" belt on this Saturday's edition of Native American Radio on Santa Fe's KSFR-FM.

Radio host Albert Cata sure has some great stories. He let folks at Wacky Productions know that his program "Native American Radio" is a local delight -- and that out-of-town visitors like Val Kilmer (who was in town filming a movie) got a kick out of listening to the show and Arigon's music. This Saturday, Albert is going to interview Arigon live on his KSFR 90.7 FM radio program. "Albert is a cool guy -- I finally met him in person at our Native Roots & Rhythms gig," said Arigon. If you want to listen live, you can tune in at 6:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time. If you're out of the area, the show is streamed online at KSFR's website. We hope you'll take time to tune in! We're sure it's going to be a fun interview.

[Talk about fun -- that's Arigon with another radio favorite, Raul Malo of The Mavericks.]

October 18, 2004 The Autry National Center in Los Angeles

WE "HEART" THE AUTRY NATIONAL CENTER AND NATIVE VOICES AT THE AUTRY! -- Arigon lands another prime piece of acting real estate at this year's "A Continent Of Stories" Play Festival.

"That picture sure looked familiar! I could hardly believe it was me," sighed Arigon "The Diva" Starr. When visitors enter the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, they get an immediate dose of the Diva.

Arigon auditioned this weekend with many other incredible Native actors for A Continent Of Stories: Native Voices At The Autry Play Festival. The festival runs from Friday, November 12 through Sunday, November 14 at the Wells Fargo Theater at the Autry National Center. The staged readings are FREE, but reservations are strongly recommended. More information on the Diva's Live Calendar page.

Arigon has been cast as "Tzba" in Rhiana Yazzie's new play "Asdzani Shash -- The Woman Who Turned Into A Bear." The Festival also includes a new play from Diane Glancy ("Stone Heart: Everyone Loves A Journey West") and James Luhan's "Kino and Teresa."

Arigon will also be performing at the California Muscogee Creek Association meeting on Saturday, November 6th. There's a nice article on her in their newsletter this month, which you can download here. "I have lots of Creek friends here in Southern California and I feel fortune they let me attend their meetings," said Arigon. As most of you know, Arigon's mom Ruth Wahpecome is an enrolled member of the Creek Nation of Oklahoma.

"I think I might have one of those You Might Be Creek if. . . jokes," laughed Arigon. "You might be Creek if the first Indian words your mom teaches you are Hompaks ce! -- which means "Let's EAT!"

We'll find out if Starrwatcher Fans can attend the performance. It's going to be a good one!

October 5, 2004 Moot Davis onstage at the Americana Music Conference

A FEW NASHVILLE PHOTOS TO KEEP EVERYBODY HAPPY! -- Arigon finally gets some of her Nashville pictures to Starrwatcher Online and we thank her!

Lots of great stuff is happening here at Starrwatcher Online.

What really makes our day is getting new pictures from Arigon's trusty camera. The above shot is artist Moot Davis (performing with Pete Anderson) at the Americana Music Conference. "Moot is a great performer. He really reminded me of Hank Williams, Sr. crossed with Dwight Yoakam," said Arigon. Which makes sense because guitarist Pete Anderson, who is a big part of Dwight's success, signed Moot to his Little Dog record label.

Speaking of Pete Anderson -- Arigon, Nick and Thaddeus will be going into Mad Dog Recording Studios (owned by Pete Anderson) this week to begin work on Arigon's Fourth CD project. They will be recording "The Red Road," which tells the story of a Native American truck driver. "I wrote the song a few years ago for Cowboy Keith Thompson, (the former road manager for BR549) who had planned a CD project of trucker songs. Cowboy Keith didn't get around to doing that project, so I started singing the song at live shows. I got so many positive comments about it, it became a permanent fixture at gigs." "The Red Road" will also feature several guest artists -- and we look forward to hearing about the session from Arigon.

In the meantime, here are some more photos from the Nashville trip. Gay with Chuck Mead

Arigon's sister Gay Wahpecome jokes with BR549 singer Chuck Mead following his appearance at the "Art of the Interview" panel at the Americana Music Conference. Chuck was interviewed by Jessie Scott of XM Satellite Radio.

Arigon and Gay spent time with their friend Sandra Schulman, who's been busy writing another non-fiction book (this one about Natives in Film & TV), plus promoting various music projects, including one called Honky Tonkers For Truth. You can read more about them and hear the track "Taking My Country Back" here. What? The country music business isn't all right-wing conservative folks? Who knew!? AAAY!

Gay, Chuck and ArigonJessie Scott had lots of great ideas for interviewing artists, while Chuck was his glib self. Having the gift of gab can really help an artist stand out! AAAY! They chatted about everything from influences (Jason Ringenberger) to alienating country music fans. Chuck made a rather infamous negative comment years ago, early in the career of BR549, about country line dancers that made a lot of people mad! Oh, that Chuck. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth! [Thanks, Cuzin' Dave for taking this nice photo!]

Chuck's friend Vince Ramirez was in town with his group Flathead. [Vince is a member of the Chippewa Tribe.] Flathead is working on a new record.

Arigon with Shirley Hernandez"It's always fun to trade NDN jokes with another NDN!," said Arigon. At the Mercy Lounge, there was an "Rez-Off" -- and it was determined that Arigon was the most rezzed out of the assembled Indians. [That's Arigon with Shirley Hernandez, a Chippewa friend. Shirley is well-known among artists in the country music business.] "Hey, that is one thing I noticed about the Americana/Country genre. An almost complete lack of people of color. I think I need to change that," she observed. "After all, there were at least four Indians in the audience at the Saturday night Mercy Lounge showcase!"

Here are some fashion shots of two of the BR boys at the Sin City Showcase.

Shaw Wilson

Shaw Wilson shows off his "haircut." He is still sporting the "Jesus Look," which has prompted many to enjoy his introduction at the shows as "The Passion Of The Shaw." We think he looks like a cross between Errol Flynn and Chris Rocket in "Dances With Wolves." Or maybe one of the Dutch Masters!

Chris "Beatles" Scruggs

Chris Scruggs has gone Liverpool-nuts! He now has his hair cut in the Beatles fashion (circa the "Rubber Soul" era, ennit?) and even performs with a classic Rickenbacker guitar. We think it suits him!

Cuzin Dave and his mom, Mary

One of the nicest people Arigon and Gay met at the conference was Cuzin' Dave Wilson of Cleveland's WRUW 91.1 FM. Dave hosts the show "When The Roses Bloom Again" and is a big fan of Americana music. So is his mom, Mary. The coolest thing about them -- their Americana Conference badges. Mary's tag reads -- "Cuzin' Dave's Mom." Gotta love that! Both of them attended the Bluebird Cafe show and had nothing but praise for Arigon afterwards!

Thanks, Cuzin' Dave! We love our Diva, too!

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