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October 23, 2007

Arigon at the Grand Tetons in WyomingDIVA POWER!

Arigon returns from an extensive road trip to promote "Super Indian" and hits as many summer Pow-Wows as possible...visits Montana and Wyoming and picks up an award or two on the way...AAAY!

Whew! What a couple of months have gone by. We deeply apologize to all your Diva-ites out there who were waiting with baited breath for us to update Arigon's activities. We can barely keep up with the woman. In fact....take a look at this photo. She is THAT hard to spot as she moves from location to location.

"This is the first week I've been at home for a long time," she laughed. "It's been a whirlwind of activity on all fronts the past few months." In our last episode, Arigon had returned from San Diego's Comic Con and was embarking on a multi-week tour of the Western United States to promote "Super Indian." She planned several live gigs and stops at radio stations to let folks know about the comic book and radio series. If you looked carefully, you could have seen her strolling the streets of Santa Fe during Indian Market, gripping and grinning at the Ponca Pow-Wow in Oklahoma, shopping at Powell's Books in Portland, kayaking in the San Juan Islands in Washington State or hanging out with the buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

We'll break this down for you in easy-to-handle nuggets. Latest info FIRST:


Arigon wants to send prayers and good thoughts to everyone affected by the wildfires in Southern California. "I've been trying to reach the folks at the Southern California Indian Health Council, who had me scheduled to perform at their conference on Wednesday, October 24th. The show was set for Barona Casino -- which I heard may still be in danger," she said. "I'm okay here in LA -- but I know there are a lot of folks who are still in trouble. Believe me, it's weird around here right now. The sky is a weird yellow, brown, orange color and the air is smoky. Send us some good thoughts out here, y'all!"


Arigon just taped an interview with lively, witty host Shayanne and the syndicated radio show "Earthsongs." Syndicated by Koahnic Broadcasting, you can hear the show beginning on Thursday afternoon. Check out their site at or listen online via


On Monday, October 29th at 7:00pm, Arigon and the members of Turtle Island Dignity and Education invite you to a FREE screening of the award-winning documentary "Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy" at The Wilshire Auditorium ~ Fullerton College, 321 E. Chapman Avenue in Fullerton 92832. Filmmaker Steve Heape will be at the screening to answer questions afterward. If you're interested in attending, please rsvp at 951-245-9331, or email to: Terrie Restivo, or Kay Cope.  We hope to see you there.


As you know Arigon was nominated in three categories -- Best Female Artist, Best Country CD and Songwriter of the Year. The awards were handed out on October 6th and Arigon was named SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR! Thank you everyone who took the time and effort to vote online. Arigon did not attend the award ceremony in New York. If we get photos of her swanning around with her trophy (AAY!) we'll publish them here!


Arigon's "Red Road" CD was among the finalists for BEST COUNTRY CD. The final voting is closed and the awards will be announced during the Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg November 1-4. We'll let you know when we know! Thanks again for taking the time to vote for Arigon in this contest. "I didn't know anyone knew of me in Canada," she beamed. "I was just happy to make it to the finals!"


Arigon's road trip took her to the annual Indian Market and various gigs around town. She dropped in to visit with her Autry National Center pals -- including Jeanne Givens and N. Scott Momaday. She was a featured performer at Gary Farmer's annual VFW Hall Bash -- which strangely morphed into something much bigger, sponsored by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. "Was a bigtime crazy change. It went from a timeless, smoky VFW a big warehouse hanger. We eventually made it to the right venue," snorted Arigon. She also spent time with her pals from -- Todd York and Acee Agoyo. "Those guys are just terrific and it's great to get the story-behind-the-story," she laughed. Arigon also participated in an under-attended Native Youth Forum produced by singer Star Nayea. "I enjoyed meeting the folks who were there. Was especially good to see my pal Joy Harjo."


Arigon with her Aunt Cecelia Okemah FryeArigon had a solid showing at Tulsa's Nightingale Theater. "Once again, Amber and Jeff Whitlach really got folks through the doors," beamed Arigon. "The crowd was really receptive and their warmth really overwhelmed me. I rarely get weepy about losing my father onstage -- but something about having my family there really affected me. I could barely get through 'Daddy's Records!'" As many of you know, Arigon's father Ken Wahpecome passed away in March 2005. "I had no idea how close by my side Dad was and is," she said. "I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into a bunch of my cousins at the Kickapoo Tribal offices in McLoud." Arigon had a chance to reconnect with Cecelia Okemah Frye, who happens to be the mother of the current Kickapoo Tribal Chairman Marlon Frye. Cecelia is related to Arigon's grandma Jeanette Okemah. She was also able to attend the amazing Ponca Pow-Wow at White Eagle Park. She went with her cousin Janene Alford and Aunt Sue Alford. As she prepared to have a nice meal at her Aunt Lucy Kemble's camp, she ran into more Kickapoo cousins. "We talked a lot about my Dad -- and it felt really good to know people still remember him." Janene also took Arigon around the Pow-Wow and she got to reconnect with Dan Jones, the current Ponca Tribal Chair. "He used to be a producer in Los Angeles and what a change to see him on his home turf!" Arigon also ran into Garland Kent, Jr. who is a singer with Yellow Hammer and a radio DJ in Ponca City. "It feels really good to go home!"


Arigon also stopped in to see her friends at Native Voice One radio -- Susan Braine and Camille LaCapa. "Those gals are the best," she bragged. She also spent time with her friend Janet Holmberg who recently relocated to Albuquerque from San Diego. Arigon also did a short interview with Antonia Gonzales, the host and producer of National Native News. "What a neat gal! Now....I just have to type up my notes and write that article!" Arigon cried. Arigon is still writing her column with News From Indian Country and enjoys taking the opportunity to talk to folks about what they do. I was surprised to learn that National Native News has been around for over twenty years. They've been doing a fantastic job reporting on news that matters to the people," said Arigon.


Arigon made a few stops in Arizona to see her friends at KUYI-FM in Hopi and KTNN-AM in Window Rock. Both are popular reservation stations and have been long-time Arigon Starr fans and supporters. "I really enjoyed seeing everyone at KTNN and learning some Navajo phrases from L.A. Williams," she smiled. "KUYI in Second Mesa is a fantastic station nestled alongside those big Mesas smack dab in the middle of HopiLand. I visited with Kathy Sahmie on the radio - and we had the most fun girl talk at the Hopi Cultural Center," Arigon remembered. She also previewed the first episode of "Super Indian" on KUYI-FM. "Watching Kathy crack up made me feel really proud and grateful to all the folks at Native Voices at the Autry and Native Radio Theater Project. This is why I do what I do -- to help Native folks feel represented, included and most of all -- to have a laugh!"


Arigon had a successful journey to Warm Springs. She performed at the Museum at Warm Springs, along with local artists like James Greeley. KYNR's program director Roy Dick drove all the way from Yakama, Washington for the gig. So did filmmaker Lewis Underwood. "We had fun putting faces with names -- and we are talking about doing a Celilo Falls project," she said. The well-received program was conceived by museum executive director Carol Leone and KWSO's Will Robbins. They hope to continue to generate interest and participation in an annual Arts Festival. Arigon also spent time in Portland, Oregon with KBOO's Eugene Johnson and John Talley. "I was lucky enough to be a guest on their program -- and learn a lot about the Makah whaling controversy. There is so much more to the story than most folks know," she enthused.

Arigon performs at the Museum of the RockiesWASHINGTON

With many deadlines looming on her "Super Indian" writing project, she still found time to visit her friends in Battle Ground, Washington (shout out to Cathy Kehoe, Mary Sue Gulzow and Leslie Jollie!), her pal Robin Carneen in Mount Vernon, Washington and go kayaking around the San Juans and lovely Lake Washington. "Seattle is such an awesome place. There is a lot of creative energy there and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I end up living there," she enthused. "Even though I was up there for three weeks, I still barely scratched the surface of making time to see everyone and everything I wanted to," she cried. Arigon was able to complete six brand new episodes of her radio series "Super Indian." "Dang, I am thrilled Native Voices at the Autry wanted more of the show. It was a kind of wacky promoting the already finished episodes while contemplating what would happen next with Super Indian, Mega Bear and Diogi. I got so much inspiration from all the people I met on my travels. I wonder if any of them will see themselves in the show!" Robin Carneen, the host of NAMPAAHH: FIRST PEOPLES RADIO on KSVR also treated Arigon to a free ticket to see B.B. King, Etta James and Canada's Murray Porter. "I finally got to meet two people I have always wanted to! No....not B.B. and Etta -- actress Tantoo Cardinal and radio/TV producer Elaine Bomberry," grinned Arigon.


Days after Arigon unpacked her bag from her Seattle trip, she packed them again to head to Bozeman, Montana for a special gig at the Museum of the Rockies.

A Bison in Yellowstone"Michael Fox, one of the curators, is anxious to update the images and profile of contemporary Native America at the Museum of the Rockies."

Located on the campus of the University of Montana, it houses the largest collection of dinosaur bones in the world.

"It's a strange juxtoposition of dinosaur bones and Indian people. Michael has his work cut out for him -- but I applaud his efforts. His heart is in the right place and I'm glad he brought me up there to perform for them."

Folks drove in from over 40 miles away -- and everyone generally had a great time.

"The sound guy also works at the local Gibson guitar factory. He enjoyed meeting my guitar "June" and determined he most likely had made the fretboard for the guitar."

Arigon and Wacky CEO Janet Miner took time to journey south to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

"Yes, the buffalo come right up to your car window to take your order..AAAAY," she laughed.

"Grand Teton and Yellowstone are wonders of the world. I can see why folks want to visit there."

Arigon also had time to visit the Coulter Bay Indian Museum and met Debbie and Willy LaMere. Mr. LaMere is also known as 'Wilbur the Coyote Trickster' and is a bonafide magician. "It was cool to talk to them and discuss Willy's plan to work as a Native American magician in Las Vegas." In fact, Arigon's next NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY column will feature an profile she has written about him. "I'm always impressed by folks who have the courage to live their dreams," she said.

There is much more news to report -- but we'll leave it off here and get more frequent updates to you Starrwatcher fans.

Arigon is prepping her one-woman show for the Gilcrease Museum on November 8, 9 and 10 -- and also writing new episodes of "Super Indian" that will be part of the upcoming Native Voices at the Autry's November Play Festival on November 18th.

Thanks for sticking with us. It's a very exciting time here in Diva-Ville.

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