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November 28, 2003

Arigon with the MomadaysGOOD NEWS A-GO GO -- "The Indolent Boys" Radio Play Receives TWO Communicator Awards!

Remember a few months back when Arigon worked with Michael Horse and Lori Tubert on N. Scott Momaday's play, "The Indolent Boys?" Well, folks are STILL talking about that show! [That's Arigon with Dr. Momaday and his wife Barbara at a recent Autry Museum gala.] Well, the very talented producer Lori Tubert checked in recently to share the good news that the production has received wo prestigious Communicator Awards.

She wrote: "We've won two Communicator Awards ( One for the adapted script and one for direction. "

Congrats to Lori, The Wells Fargo Radio Theater and The Autry Heritage Center. We sure hope to list airdates for this fine radio production soon.


Those wonderful gals who contribute to American Indian Airwaves have invited Arigon to return for a live interview and performance next Wednesday on KPFK 90.7 FM. Those of you lucky enough to live in Los Angeles should tune in live. The show is also available on the web through KPFK's website. Maybe she'll debut some new music for you! We never know where that Diva will turn up next. Did you know that "American Indian Airwaves" opens each week with Arigon's song "California Indians?" Now you do!


The Diva has been making the Hollywood scene of late. She recently attended a staged reading of Rhianna Yazzie's play "Two In LA," which was presented by the East/West Players. She was also spotted at the premiere Los Angeles screening of "Dream Keepers," the new Hallmark produced mini-series for ABC TV. Many of the cast members were in the audience, including Eddie Spears, Delanna Studi, Kimberly Norris-Guererro, John Trudell, Gil Birmingham, and Geraldine Keams. The fabulous Michael Horse served as MC, while UCLA's American Indian Studies Hanay Geiogamah presided over an interesting after-screening Q&A panel with writer John Fusco (he also wrote "Thunderheart" and "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron"), director Steve Barron and producer Robert Halmi, Sr. Be sure to catch the mini-series on two consecutive evenings, Sunday, December 28th and Monday, December 29th. All of your Indian favorites are in the show, including Gary Farmer, Tantoo Cardinal, Michael Greyeyes, etc. You will be overwhelmed by all of the Indian faces!

November 18, 2003


Full Houses Enjoy The Entire Play Festival, Including "Please Do Not Touch The Indians!"

"Geez, I'd go crazy not being able to talk," said Arigon as she strolled onstage as The Wooden Indian Woman in "Please Do Not Touch The Indians." The two-act play was written by Joseph A. Dandurand, a member of Canada's Kwantlen First Nation. Native Voices' Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott assembled an amazing cast for the show, including Andrew Roa, Kateri Walker, Jason de Hoyos, Uzziel Martinez, Andrew Zane Fullerton and musician Vincent. H. Whipple. The play explores many Native stereotypes -- from Wooden Indians to Hollywood Indians -- and experiences on the Reservation and in Indian Boarding Schools. There were moments during the production when the audience was completely silent -- and places where they were laughing loudly. "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" will be the next full production of Native Voices at the Autry from March 19-April 4, 2004.

As many of you know, Arigon has jumped in with both feet into the acting world. She is now represented by Kristene Wallis at the Wallis Agency for film, television, theater and voice-overs. She has also been studying with reknowned acting coach Howard Fine at the Howard Fine Acting Studio and is also studying voice-over for commercials and animation with Cynthia Songé at Susan Blu's Studios. "I never knew how tough actors really worked. It takes a lot out of you to actually create a full, three-dimensional character. It certainly isn't just showing up having memorized dialogue. These productions and classes have really given me a workout. The best part of this experience is that I now know acting and singing are extremely complimentary disciplines. I think my next recording project is going to be out of this world, "said Arigon.

We know The Diva really enjoyed the experience of working with her fellow actors. She also saw and enjoyed "Standing Up Stories" and "Kino And Teresa." Artists like DeLanna Studi, Harrison Lowe, Brian Wescott, Rob Vestal, Bradford Kelly, Ken Martines and so many other incredible Native actors brought the productions alive. "There were so many good performances at both shows. I'm so thankful the Autry is supportive of the Native American artistic community. From what I saw this weekend -- I think the talent here in Los Angeles is top notch. I sure hope some of you out there who dream of becoming actors follow your dream. Even if you never get a part in a film or television show, you will definitely learn a lot about yourself."


The Sixth Annual Native American Music Awards have come and gone. Arigon's name was not among the winners announced on Saturday. Robert Mirabal took the Artist of the Year Award and Joseph Fire Crow took the Songwriter of the Year Award. We were pretty huffy about it over here, until Arigon reminded us of why she makes records. "It certainly isn't for awards. I really don't think John Lennon, Paul McCartney or Freddie Mercury lost sleep over not winning a bunch of Grammys for their efforts." Arigon has a great story from her days working as a Hollywood publicist about the television industry's Emmy Awards. "At one screening, Emmy voters complained to me about the type of food served at an awards consideration screening. They told me we should have had a "spread" more like HBO's. Amazingly, after HBO's lavish buffets at their screenings, they got a bunch of nominations and trophies! They really should add a Best Buffet category for the Emmys! AAAAY!," said Arigon. We love our Diva and want her to know she will always be a winner in our book. And THANK YOU for all taking the time to vote online or with a paper ballot. We think you all made a wonderful showing for Arigon and her music. Viva la Diva!

November 5, 2003

Arigon and Nick at the NammysCOUNTDOWN TO THE NAMMYS!

We Hope You Took Time To Vote for Arigon and All Your Favorites at!

The Sixth Annual Native American Music Awards will be announced on Saturday, November 15th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As soon as we get word -- we'll pass along the news. That's Arigon (with the fabulous Nick Peters behind her) accepting the trophy for "Best Independent Recording" for MEET THE DIVA back at the Second Annual Native American Music Awards. That was one show to remember!


Arigon To Appear in "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" on Sunday, November 16th. Native Voices at the Autry will present a Play Festival entitled "A Continent Of Stories" beginning on Friday, November 14th at the Wells Fargo Theater. All of the performances are free, though guests are encouraged to bring a nonperishable food item to each performance. The festival includes:

  • "Standing Up Stories" (Friday, November 14th at 8:00 PM), by Julie Pearson-Little Thunder (Creek)
  • "Kino and Teresa" (Saturday, November 15 at 8:00 PM), by James Lujan (Taos Pueblo)
  • "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" (Sunday, November 16th at 2:00 PM) by Joseph A. Dandurand (Kwantlen First Nations)

"Please Do Not Touch The Indians" will be directed by Randy Reinholz, who also directed "The Buz'Gem Blues" back in March. "I am so thrilled to be working with Randy, Jean Bruce Scott and all my friends at Native Voices. The whole festival should not be missed," says Arigon. "Three of my cast mates from 'Buz'Gem' -- Sandra Horse, Bradford Kelly and Rob Vestal -- are in 'Kino and Teresa.' I'm sure the other plays are even half as powerful as 'Please Do Not Touch The Indians' - the audiences for the festival are in for a rare treat."

If you're interested in attending (and we KNOW you are), please RSVP to 323-667-2000, ext. 354. Donated food will be distributed by the Southern California Indian Center, Torres Martinez Tribal TANF-LA, United American Indian Involvement, and American Indian Changing Spirits. More information is available at the Autry's website at


For those of you wondering about our "cover shot" from last week -- that is Arigon with her friend Brian May. Who is Brian May? Well, he is the award-winning guitar player for mega rock n' roll band Queen. Who is Queen? Dang, haven't you seen "Wayne's World?" Remember the scene in the Pacer where Wayne, Garth and their heavy metal pals played "Bohemian Rhapsody?" For those of you who are more seasoned, you'll probably remember "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and sports fans certainly know the familiar "Stomp, Stomp Clap -- We will, We Will ROCK YOU" chant heard at sporting events around the world. That is one of Brian's songs. Brian and Arigon were snapped at the after-party in Hollywood following the ceremony for the band getting a Star on the "Walk of Fame." Arigon and Brian's pal Mrs. Jennifer Tunney took this photo -- and we thank her for letting us use it here. If you want to read more about Brian May, you should check out his website at In fact, Brian printed one of Arigon's emails to him, which detailed a rather scathing letter about the Kickapoos of Kansas. It caused quite the debate on Brian's website. Here's a link -- check out Page One of the Brian's Letters section from October. We think Brian May is keen!

We would also like to thank another of Arigon's friends -- Jacky Gunn -- for posting up the information to vote for Arigon at the Nammys on her website, The International Queen Fan Club. Jacky and Arigon have been friends for years -- so let's hope those votes from folks in the UK and around the world make a difference at the Nammys.

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