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November 30, 2002

Celebrity Sighting of Brian May!LIVE AT THE CAVERN CLUB -- REALLY

Arigon Starr is returning to England for a little R&R -- and some extra special gigs. We know for sure she'll be at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on December 8th. We don't have the exact showtime yet, but you can check the Cavern Club's website or if you're in the UK, give them a call at (0) 871-222-1957. She might be doing additional gigs...even she doesn't know for sure where she'll turn up! Hope some of you in the UK can pass the word along and support Arigon's music. As most of the world knows, the Cavern Club is the place that the Beatles rose to stardom. As soon as we get photos of this historic event -- you'll see them here on Starrwatcher Online! Speaking of historic events -- that's Janet Miner, Arigon Starr, Tour Manager/Producer Gerry Stickells and Brian May at Gerry's first "retirement" party in 1999.

November 26, 2002

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars!THE DIVA ON THE RADIO!!

Just a GENTLE reminder to make sure you're tuned into KPFK-FM tomorrow to hear the Diva interviewed on "Native American Airwaves." PLUS, Spider Moccasin at KBOO-FM in Portland, Oregon will be spinning some cool "unplugged" Diva tunes that were recorded earlier this year at the Snake & Weasel gig (which is sadly no more!). Spider's show airs from 1:00-3:30PM Pacific Time on Thursday. Just push yourselves away from the table and right over to the computer or radio dial to hear some GREAT Diva music.


If you're getting antsy waiting for that dang turkey to cook and you're in the Nashville area, please go check this out for us on Wednesday, November 27th at the Lipstick Lounge:

Keith and ShawTruck Drivers Queen Featuring Dixie Wrecks: From truck-stop doozy to lot-lizard floozy, hear a ho's tale of woe from trash-talking tart Dixie Wrecks (actually a dress-wearing dude named Cowboy Keith [that's him on the left with Shaw Wilson in a Starrwatcher File Photo]) in a "trucking country opera" that blends risqué originals with Bakersfield classics. Best of all, s/he's enlisted some gear-busting sorts of fellers for support, including bass player Dave Roe and BR549's Shaw Wilson and Chris Scruggs. The show starts 8 p.m. at East Nashville's hopping Lipstick Lounge; if the rig's a-rockin', please come a-knockin'.

November 21, 2002


Much like the highly anticipated Neiman-Marcus Christmas Catalog -- some great new links have *finally* been added to the Digital Frybread Page. [Tangent -- Does anyone else like to call this store "Needless Markup?" AAAAY!] The most amusing link has to be "Frybread Love" which is a site dedicated to Indian Frybread. I can just hear "Junior Frybread" smacking his greasy NDN lips! BUH!


The absolutely most coolest record store in Los Angeles, AMOEBA RECORDS, has added Arigon Starr's CDs to their huge inventory. The store is located on Sunset Boulevard and Ivar Avenue in Hollywood and probably has a billion records in every genre known to mankind. They also stock a huge selection of DVDs, vinyl and videos. We're pretty sure Arigon will be doing an in-store here in the near future. In the meantime, get yourself down there to buy a copy of BACKFLIP. Tell them Starrwatcher Online sent ya!

November 20, 2002

Even Wes Studi Loves BackflipEVERYONE LOVES BACKFLIP!!

We probably shouldn't even be telling you this....but we are so proud of our Diva we can hardly stand it!! [Even BACKFLIP poster boy Wes Studi won't let us keep it a secret!!!]

BACKFLIP made the first round of GRAMMY Nominations.

"In my book, it's really cool that our little Independent label has at least made the list to be part of the final nominations," beamed Arigon.

BACKFLIP is listed among releases from artists like April Lavigne, Cyndi Lauper, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Sting and Ben Folds in the BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM category. "The Eagle Flies High" was also included in the BEST FEMALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE category -- right there with J Lo, Barbra Streisand, Pink and Norah Jones.

"My favorite 'nomination to be nominated' was for 'Daddy's Records," smiled Arigon. "Daddy's Records" was in the BEST COUNTRY SONG category -- alongside such famed Nashville songwriters like Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Matraca Berg and Diane Warren.

Grammy voters are deciding on final nominees, which will be announced on Tuesday, January 7, 2003. "I'm hoping I'll make the final cut. Just to be considered along with music's mainstream artists is a dream come true for me," said Arigon. Stranger things have happened!!! We always knew Arigon was a winner!


Arigon and Nicholas Peters will be performing LIVE at Borders Books & Music on Saturday, November 23rd at 8:00 PM. The store is located north of San Diego near Carmel Mountain at 11160 Rancho Carmel Drive, phone number: 858-618-1814. The show is FREE FREE FREE -- so come down and congratulate the Diva in person and get your copy of BACKFLIP!!


On Wednesday, November 27, NATIVE AMERICAN AIRWAVES will feature Arigon live on their program from 3:00-4:00 PM Pacific Time. You can listen to KPFK-FM on 90.7 in Los Angeles, and on 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara. Hosts Helen Herrera and Marcus Lopez will have fun chatting with Arigon -- and we're pretty sure she'll be peforming live. You can listen online at


While Arigon was out on the road, she and her family stopped in at Window Rock, Arizona to shop for Christmas gifts. She was encouraged to talk to the music buyer at the Navajo Nation Arts & Crafts store near the Window Rock Plaza -- and you can now BUY copies of Arigon's records there and at Larry Tsosie's place NATIVE TRENDS. Looks like the Navajo Nation knows a good thing when they see it! AAAY!

November 1, 2002

Arigon's Borrowed MugON THE ROAD AGAIN!

You can probably find Arigon and the band lurking near a Waffle House or Cracker Barrel near you very soon! Watch out, Waffle House, Arigon is "borrowing" your mugs while you're not looking! AAAAAY! That's her "liberated" mug at the left.

As soon as they finish the gig at Grossmont College on Monday the 4th -- they are taking off for Tulsa, Oklahoma. The American Indian Society of Science and Engineering is having their annual conference from November 7-10th and will present Arigon Starr In Concert on Friday, November 7th. Lots of her friends and family are planning on coming out for the show. You can also catch her at Borders Books & Music in the San Diego area on November 16 and November 23. Check out the Diva Live section for more details! Hope to see lots of YOU at the shows!

Ken Wahpecome's Navy Portrait"EARTHSONGS" TO FEATURE THE DIVA!

"Earthsongs" radio host Gregg McVicar let us know that he featured "Spike" during his Halloween broadcast and will also showcase "All For You," the tribute to Native Veterans on his show for Veteran's Day. Earthsongs is broadcast nationally on the American Indian Radio on Satellite and syndicated to stations like KPFA-FM in Berkeley and KUT-FM in Austin, Texas. Check "Earthsongs" website for air times.

As most of you know, "All For You" was written for many of Arigon's family members who have bravely served in various branches of military service. Arigon's Dad, Ken Wahpecome was in the Navy -- and her favorite Uncle Eugene Alford was one of the many fearless Army soldiers in the Anzio Battle in World War II. Native men and women continue to serve in numbers that far exceed the numbers of other minority groups. If you're wondering WHY -- here is a GREAT article from John Berry to explain the motiviation Native people have to protect Turtle Island!

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