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December 23, 2003

Cheryl Seidner, Trinidad, Arigon & LeonaHAPPY HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL!

We wanted to be sure that everyone who visits here regularly received our warmest greetings for the holidays. Everyone here at Starrwatcher Online has had an amazing year -- and we are definitely having trouble keeping up with the very busy Miss Arigon Starr.

Ellen Perry and ArigonWe are all impressed with her Nammy nominations, TV appearances, stage roles, etc. "Thank you to everyone out there who has been so extra supportive of my career. It would be hard to pin down my 'Person(s) of the Year' -- because there continue to be so many folks that have put their money where their mouths are regarding me and my music. Extra special thanks to my family (Ruth, Ken & Gay Wahpecome), who probably think I'm just a legend because I hardly see them anymore!" said Arigon.

"Folks kept me housed, fed and filled with great stories like my pals in Loleta, California [Cheryl Seidner, Trinidad Goodshield and Cheryl's sister Leona], Hoopa (the Orozcos ROCK!), Battle Ground, Washington (Hooray for Cathy & Mary Sue, Aunt Susie & Uncle Bob), Nashville (Yay , Mackenzi, Sandra Schulman and Gary Bennett!!), Tulsa (Love You, Aunt Susie & Janene!), San Diego (Mom & Dad, Janet & Pam Holmberg, Randy Reinholz & Jean Bruce Scott), Los Angeles (Michael & Sandra Horse!!), New Orleans (tour guide Gene Bates and the Lovely Annette!), Bay Area (Kristina Memarian, Gregg McVicar & Mark Miner), Seattle (Ellen & Scott!), Tahlequah (Terrie & Kay & Robert & Evelyn, You ROCK!), and many more. Been everywhere and back this year. I really appreciate all of the friends I have and wish them and YOU, my online family a very, very happy Holiday season."

Gary Farmer Loves Backflip!GET BACK TO THE STAGE, ARIGON!!

By Popular Demand, Arigon Will Be BACK On The Road, With Her Guitar In January 2004!

Well, it wasn't more than a few weeks ago several Arigon Starr fans asked us here at Starrwatcher Online -- "Is Arigon giving up music for her acting career?? Tell us it isn't true!" We are happy to report that rumors of the Diva giving up her guitar were premature and over-exaggerated. Everyone loves hearing about Arigon's exploits in Hollywood these days. She has been hobnobbing with actors, writers and directors these days. [Just to add some fuel to the fire, we are posting up a photo of well-known actor/director Gary Farmer with a copy of BACKFLIP! AAAY!]

Here is the good news. There are TWO live music performances scheduled for January 2004.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 2004 -- Those of you in the San Diego, California area are encouraged to see a very special acoustic performance with Nick Peters and Arigon, plus special guest Les Preston at Just Java in Chula Vista.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 2004 -- Southwest Arigon Starr fans are in for an EXTRA special treat. Arigon and Nick will be joined by bassist Thaddeus Graham for a rockin' electric set -- with a full-on drum kit. "We haven't rocked in awhile, so I am really looking forward to this gig," said Arigon. The Sky City Casino in Acoma, New Mexico will be hosting an evening of Native women artists called "Her Spirit Sings." Last year, Joanne Shenandoah and Delphine Tsinajinnie (among others) were featured. Best of all -- the show is FREE to the public. The 1000 seat arena is expected to be completely full, so get there early. "We hope to see a bunch of our friends from Albuquerque, Gallup, Window Rock and the Pueblos out there rockin' with us!"


Writer/Producer Monique Sonoquie invited Arigon Starr to Santa Barbara, California to tape an episode of her cable access program, "Red Rocks." The show will feature Arigon performing some old chestnuts like "Man Without A Tribe and newer tunes like "The Eagle Flies High." Plus, hostess Niki Sandoval played along with Arigon as she performed an improv as "Psychic Bingo Lady" Betty Plays A Lot, a Yakama women who can tell your fortune by reading Sacred Bingo cards. How long before THAT catches on for real? AAAAY! The show is scheduled to air in the first weeks in January in Santa Barbara and later in the month on cable systems in Northern California and Sacramento. For those of you who are fans of Arigon's Bingo Bag and Troll (his name is Trevor, by the way), they will be on TV screens soon!


Have You Seen This Story? Ho-Leh, It's Amazing!!

Associated Press Story/December 21, 2003 By JULIE E. BISBEE, Associated Press Writer

OKLAHOMA CITY - Ten women belonging to the Kickapoo tribe have barricaded themselves inside tribal headquarters, saying they won't leave until their tribe is investigated for misuse of funds.

The women — ranging in age from 19 to 50 — took over the headquarters Friday after finding a back door unlocked. The group then piled desks and filing cabinets against the doors, keeping tribal police at bay.

The headquarters is located in McLoud, about 20 miles east of Oklahoma City.

Go read the whole deal here on Yahoo News!!

There has been a LOT of controvery in Arigon's Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma lately. Everyone here at Starrwatcher Online wishes them a quick resolution to these serious issues. As you can see from the story -- it is NOT a good idea to mess with Kickapoo Women. [That's Jennell Downs with Arigon in Santa Fe a few years ago. Jennell stopped by Arigon's show earlier this year at the Chilocco Indian School Reunion and let her know she was going to run for Tribal Council -- wonder how THAT turned out??]

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