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June 19, 2008

Arigon with her Kangaroo PalTHERE'S NO CATCHING UP WITH THE DIVA!

Arigon has been criss-crossing the world with her one-woman show THE RED ROAD and her amazing musical performances!

As many of you know, it is a full-time job to keep up with Arigon Starr. In the past few months, she has been a featured performer at Albuquerque's Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow and has toured Australia with her amazing comedy with music, "The Red Road." [That's Arigon at the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. Notice her South Sydney Rabbitohs shirt. If you see her in person and say "GO Rabbitohs," you will make her smile mighty big!]

If you're in Oklahoma this weekend (June 20-21) you can catch the Diva LIVE at this year's annual Creek Nation Festival in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. All of the festivities, including the concert, rodeo, softball games and Creek singing are completely FREE.

"It really, truly feels like a homecoming for me," said Arigon. "Not only am I honoring my mother Ruth Wahpecome's heritage, I have been able to honor my father Ken Wahpecome as well." We'll have more on that story later -- we just wanted to make sure you knew about Arigon's gig at Creek Nation.

She will be opening the Friday evening concert for John Anderson ("Swinging," "Seminole Wind"), plus MC'ing the Saturday morning parade and evening concert. Also, Arigon will be participating in this year's Native Voices at the Autry's Playwright's Retreat. "I finish up at Creek Nation on Saturday night and hop on a plane at 6:00am the next morning," sighed Arigon.

"I'm really enjoying my time here at home in Oklahoma." Arigon will also be taking "The Red Road" to this year's Idyllwild Native Arts Festival on Friday, July 11th and is performing at this year's Kickapoo Pow-Wow Days in Horton, Kansas on July 19th. As Arigon is still on the road, we're having a time wrasslin' pictures from her camera.

More soon on the traveling Diva!

February 27, 2008

Arigon with her Alcatraz artworkPEOPLE ARE TALKING 'BOUT THE DIVA!


Arigon is featured in this week's edition of INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY -- and is making waves across Indian County!

We're sure all of you that have subscriptions to INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY or are regularly viewers of INDIANZ.COM have already enjoyed Patti Jo King's Arigon Starr interview. If you haven't, they have conveniently put the article online here for your reading pleasure.

"I met Patti Jo King last year at a screening in Orange County," said Arigon. "We had so many mutual friends we laughed at the fact we have never met each other before. It took a while for us to carve time out of our busy schedules to get on the phone and do the interview." We know you'll agree that the article is a good one -- and if you have the hard copy version, you'll see they published one of Arigon's SUPER INDIAN illustrations. Speaking of illustrations, the above photo is from last November. Arigon participated in the annual Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island. Her artwork "Indian Land Forever" has been on display in one of the cellblocks since early November. "It's the very first artwork I've submitted for a show, so I was happy the folks at the National Park Service agreed to display it."

In other Diva News, Arigon had a wonderful time at the Heard Museum's Natives in the Music Business discussion last week. She joined the Benally family band Blackfire to discuss incorporating Native heritage and tradition with contemporary music. "The thing I love about them is that they play punk music, are hard-core activists and real people. They all have strong views and they stick by them -- whether they're the popular view or not," Arigon said. Blackfire has a new CD out called "[Silence] Is A Weapon" that includes their energetic, soulful punk rock and more traditional music. "Their dad is a well-known medicine singer and they are in-touch with that side of their heritage," enthused Arigon. "I sure hope to see more of that kind of spirit in the music coming from Indian Country." We couldn't agree more!


The web programmers at Starrwatcher Online have finally unveiled their super-secret project. It's the complete list of lyrics to all of the songs on Arigon's last CD project "The Red Road - Original Cast Recording." You can finally sing along with Emmitt Tsinajinnie or rock out with Danny Dacron. You can find those lyric pages here. Let us know what you think. (Yeah, we've been waiting a long time for these, ennit?)

February 16, 2008

Arigon with a KangerooG'DAY, DIVA!

Arigon is headed back to Australia in May 2008 for the ASSITEJ World Youth Theater Festival in Adelaide, Australia! Plus, she is a featured speaker at the Heard Museum in Phoenix and will perform at this year's "Gathering of Nations" Pow-Wow.

Happy New Year, Y'all! Everyone here at Starrwatcher Online had a great holiday season and we hope you had similar good times. Arigon is back from her fall travels and is bursting with news.

The most exciting news is that "The Red Road," Arigon's one-person show will be part of the huge, international ASSITEJ 2008 -- a performance festival featuring performers from over sixty-two countries. Arigon's play is the only play coming from North America and the very first time a Native American performer has been featured at the Festival. "I am so honored, excited and thrilled about this," gushed Arigon. "I think it's incredible to have my work included in such a prestigious festival and to be representing Native America to the world. It's a honor I'm not taking lightly." Arigon will also be performing "The Red Road" in Brisbane. Randy Reinholz, Jean Bruce Scott and Rose-Yvonne Colletta have been working tirelessly on getting the play to Australia - and beyond. You can find information about the festival online here:

ASSITEJ World Youth Festival 2008

For those of you in the beautiful Southwest, the Heard Museum has invited Arigon to speak about working the music business as part of their "American Indian Speakers" series. The event is FREE FREE FREE and happening on Thursday, February 21st at the Heard Downtown. There's an artist reception at 5:30pm followed by the lecture at 6:30pm. If you've ever had questions about working in the business, Arigon will be on hand to share her experience and behind-the-scenes stories.

In exciting Pow-Wow news, we're happy to report that Arigon has been invited to perform at the 25th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow in Albuqueque, New Mexico. She'll be singing for the ladies at the Miss Indian World contest on Thursday, April 24th in addition to a special live performance at the University of New Mexico "Pit" on Saturday, April 26th. Check out the Gathering of Nations website for more information about show times, ticket prices -- and book your hotel early! Albuquerque is going to be full o' skins and we don't want you to have to stay all the way in Santa Fe or Gallup. AAAY!


Yes, Arigon continues to write for this national Native newspaper on a montly basis. They've collected many of her recent works online for your reading enjoyment. If you like what you read, drop the folks at NFIC a line. Here's a direct link to their site and the page with ALL the columnists for the paper. Check it OUT!


As you probably know, Arigon is hard at work on her graphic novel "Super Indian," which is a comic book version of the radio comedy series that recently aired on Native Voice One. Wonder how tall Technoskin is or what Diogi looks like? Answers will be forthcoming -- in addition to some sneak peaks at the artwork you've been waiting for. Photos and scans coming very, very soon!


We might have forgotten to mention this wonderful project Arigon participated in last year. Producer/Writer Amy Friedman, director Lori Janklow and super musician Laura Hall colloborated on a second collection of children's stories called "Tell Me A Story 2: Animal Magic." All of the stories are taken from traditional stories from cultures all over the world -- including Arigon's contribution called "Coyote's Gift." The CD has received an honor for "Outstanding Storytelling Recordings (CDs or DVDs) for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age from the 2008 Storytelling World Resource Awards. You can purchase the CD directly from CDBaby. If you're got kids or are a kid a heart, you'll enjoy the collection. Arigon does a bunch of different voices -- including a very deep-throated frog. How does she do it?


As most of you know, singer-songwriter, actor and activist Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman passed into the spirit world in December 2007.

Arigon greatly misses his music, laughter and friendship.

She was privileged to share the stage with him in October 2007, the night before he entered the hospital. "Floyd was on fire that night," recalled Arigon. She shared the stage at the invitation of Floyd himself. "It always made me shake my head in disbelief that he was a fan of mine. He was such an icon that I felt really honored to be a blip on his radar screen," smiled Arigon. Floyd's friend Charlie Hill and Max Gail also performed. "It was a night to remember for me. I was actually part of the inner sanctum and got to visit with Floyd and friends backstage before the show. Charlie told me during a break that Floyd had a big smile on his face during my performance and told everyone within earshot how much he liked my music. I joked from the stage that I was mad Floyd won the Nammy for Best Country CD instead of me -- but I was secretly glad he won.

When I visited his home for the wake, I saw how much the accolades and trophies that people had given him meant to him. He was a very 'real' person -- unafraid to speak his mind and let his opinions be known. That's why it meant so much to me to get a 'thumbs-up' from Floyd."

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