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January 9, 2002

drawing of Freddie the CatTWO NEW BOOKS FEATURE OUR DIVA!

Arigon Starr is all over the book market these days. She has provided the cover art for Patricia Phillip's book Freddie Came Home and Other Coyote Tales. [That's Arigon's drawing of Patricia's cat Freddie at the left.]

"I met Patricia online through one of the Native American newsgroups and we finally met each other while I was out on the road," says Arigon. "Her writing is so keen -- and it was MY pleasure to add some artwork to her fine collection of poetry. She is quite talented!" The book is published by Niibii Ikwe, Inc. in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. You can order online at their website at

Patricia Phillips is also the moderator of an online Native newsgroup and a writer for the online news site She's also a proud member of the Delaware Tribe.

We The People Book CoverYou can also read Arigon's short essay and see a really cool photo of her at the Petroglyph Monument outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the recently released book We, The People: Of Earth And Elders.

This book is a continuation of photographer/writer Serle Chapman's exlporation of Native America. His nature photographs are well represented here -- plus, he has taken some beautiful portraits of respected elders, tribal leaders and other artists like Wes Studi, John Trudell and Arigon!

The new book also features forward remarks from former president Bill Clinton. It is TOO COOL for words. You might want to order one online at or check your local Borders or Barnes & Noble stores to pick up a copy. There's a direct link to here to order the book (just click).

Arigon and Serle!Here's a photo of Arigon with Serle Chapman. They were last seen hanging out at the Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow in Albuquerque.

Serle Chapman now has his very own website at You can read more about him there and see samples of his excellent photography.


You asked for them...and we finally GOT them.Click on this link right here -- or use the one at the side of the page.

Fun, Fun, Fun for everyone! Even Leslie Jollie! AAAAY! Chippewa Girls rule!

Arigon in the StudioNEW RECORD! NEW RECORD! YES! YES! YES!

If you've been keeping up with the online Arigon Starr fan club -- you are already aware that there is a new record coming out really soon. It's called BACKFLIP and has sixteen brand new Arigon Starr songs.

Some of the titles are "Daddy's Records," "Mountain Windsong," and "The Eagle Flies High." Many of the excellent musicians on "Wind-Up" are back -- including drummer Nicholas Peters and lead guitarist Jeff Ruiz. There are also some super secret mystery guests on the record -- but those of you who visit these pages often won't be at all surprised to find out who they are.

Arigon recorded her new tracks mainly at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California which is also home to rockers Blink 182 and San Diego's treasure (wink!), Jewel.

Those of you long, long time fans will be glad to know that "Edith Keeler Must Die" has finally been recorded -- plus the acoustic gem "This Life Is Mine." Ben Moore was back at the mixing desk and also lent his keyboard playing skills. Fans of the Hammond B3 and Mellotron will NOT be disappointed.

There's Arigon in the vocal booth during the sessions for the basic tracks. More information to come!

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