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January 27, 2004


Arigon's pals BR549 are releasing a new CD -- "Tangled in the Pines" on March 9th!

Arigon got a neat package in the mail from Nashville. Her pal from BR549, Chuck Mead, sent an advance copy of their latest disc "Tangled In The Pines."

For those of you following the BR549 story, you know there has been a line-up change. We sure miss you Smilling Jay McDowell (bass and hijinx\) and Mr. Gary Bennett (co-founder of the group, lead vocals & rhythm guitar).

The latest incarnation with Chris Scruggs and Geoff Firebaugh has been traveling the world of late and somehow managed to find time to record twelve new tracks. We love their new stripped down sound and hot guitars. That Scruggs kid (and believe me, he is just a kid!) can play the heck out of his gee-tar -- and really adds a more rockabilly feel to the BR sound. BR549 is now on the Dualtone label and is already out on the road promoting this release. Check out their website at for all the latest news and tour dates.

Smiling Jay -- we are waiting to see another "reel" from you. There are rumors afoot that Jay might direct a video for the boys. And Mr. Bennett -- get a new CD out before we send out one of those "Soprano" guys to kidnap you and force you to record twelve tracks in 48 hours straight. Don't make us have to the send the crew of VH-1's "Bands Reunited" out to your house!


Those of you following the awards race must have noted that Arigon's acting teacher Howard Fine CORRECTLY predicted the winners of the Golden Globes last Sunday. Yes, Sean Penn won a Best Actor award for "Mystic River" and YES, Charlize Theron won for her performance in "Monster." Did you notice that both actors have also been nominated for Academy Awards? Woo-Hoo! We predict Howard Fine will be BACK on CNN to give more "notes" on the upcoming Oscars. Stay tuned!

January 23, 2004

Arigon with Reed & Julianne JohnsonKIDS LOVE ARIGON STARR!

The Diva cuts a wide swath with kids from all over the United States and Canada with her positive, upbeat music!

Some of the most diehard Arigon Starr fans also love acts like The Wiggles and Britney Spears. What? I know, most of you who visit Starrwatcher Online are the types of folks who love "Pow-Wow Highway" or The White Stripes -- but young folks are jumping on this bandwagon at an alarming rate. [That is Arigon Starr with Reed and Julianne Johnson of Salem, Oregon. They love Arigon's music so much that they recorded their own version of "Apache A-Go Go" on their parents answering machine. Hooray for cool parents like Heather and Bruce Johnson who encourage creativity in their children!]

Case in point -- a wonderful review from a First Nations youth publication from Vancouver, Canada called REDWIRE MAGAZINE. They recently published a review of WIND-UP that will probably strike a chord with all Arigon Starr fans:

This CD is full of these very reasonable surfer sounds, along the lines of the amazing Link Wray, king of the surfer guitar (who also happens to be Indian, unless there’s two Link Wrays)…but not limited to that. The music, for me, is best described as sexy, fun and dance-able sounding music with amazing sense of Indian presence and identity. Also it’s quirky, cute quirky, Indian humour quirky, so much so that I think I’ve decided that I’ve fallen deeply in love with the music that Arigon Starr makes. So for you, if you enjoy music, original sounding music, that will never get boring or old, then you need to hear Arigon Starr's "Wind-Up," and experience it’s waves…but for those of you who need a reference in order to gage their tastes, my friend says, the music makes him think of Manic Street Preachers… I can’t stop listening to this CD, and the more I listen to it the more I like it…

Pretty cool, ennit? Go visit their website and enjoy hearing the voice of Canada's aboriginal youth. Good stuff!


This just in from our friends in New Mexico:

Note to any and all Native musicians out there.... Indian Summer festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be having our very first music awards (ISMA) this year during the festival which will be held Sept.10-12th. Please check our website ( for more info and a submission application that can be downloaded. This info is set to be put up on our site this week sometime. Pass the word around!!

Just thought y'all would want to be in the loop on this. BACKFLIP is actually eligible -- so if we get news from Wacky Productions about any nominations -- we will let you know.

January 20, 2004

Howard Fine with Arigon in HollywoodWE "HEART" HOWARD FINE!

The famous acting coach will be live on CNN Headline News this Friday!

Arigon's fave acting coach, Howard Fine will be on CNN Headline News on Friday, January 23rd to give his picks for this year's Oscars. "He has been previewing his choices all week in class," laughed Arigon. Who is one the tip of his tongue? Charlize Theron for "Monster" and Sean Pean for "Mystic River." "All I know is -- I need to get to the movies. There are a bunch of good ones out right now," said Arigon. The Oscar Segment with Howard will run at 7:15 PM, Pacific Time. There's Howard and Arigon at his swanky Christmas soiree in Hollywood.


Native Voices at the Autry will be casting for their upcoming Equity production of "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" on Saturday, January 24 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and on Sunday, January 25 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you are interested in trying out and want the breakdown, send us an e-mail and we'll send it out to you ASAP. Good luck -- and we hope to see a bunch of you LA Indian actor types down at the Autry this weekend.

Sky City Casino Rocking!


Arigon debuts a new act to a sold-out audience in Acoma, NM -- Arigon Starr, Nicholas Peters and new band member Thaddeus Graham took Sky City Casino by storm on Saturday, January 17th.

The cold weather didn't keep anyone away from this excellent evening of female Native American performers.

The Pueblo GangThe show featured the stand-up comedy of Elaine Miles ("Northern Exposure"), the music of Irene Bedard ("Smoke Signals" and "Pocohantas") & Deni -- and Miss Navajo Nation, Marla Billey.

The crowd was made up of everyone from traditional elders to hip-hop kids, cowboys and punk rockers -- and everyone went away happy & satisfied.

The day started with a warm-up gig, plus meet & greet at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Arigon, Nick and Thaddeus played a few songs, plus had fun talking with guests including KUNM's Singing Wire DJ Rose Ebaugh, Native Roots & Rhythm organizer Seth Roffman and Skeme, from reggae band Native Roots. Shirely Pino & Orlando Secataru provided the sound system -- and it was a great kick off to Saturday night.

Arigon, Nick and Thaddeus also took time to talk live on the air with radio station KTNN, who were producing a live remote. The group did their soundcheck and took the stage around 8:00 PM.

"I wasn't sure they were with us from the start -- but as soon as we tore into the big power chords of 'Navajo Radio' -- those folks were ours, " said Arigon.

The band did a cross-section of tracks from MEET THE DIVA, WIND-UP and BACKFLIP. One of the biggest reception was reserved for "Daddy's Records," Arigon's song about her father's love of country music. "If we had been chicken-picking all night -- I think they would have stormed the stage. They really love country music out in Acoma."

The crowd went even more wild when they closed the show with "Junior Frybread."

After the show, the public was invited to buy CDs and get things signed. "Never in my life have a seen such a line -- except maybe at a theme park in the height of tourist season," smiled Arigon.

Diva live at Sky CityThe line of fans snaked around the room, with some folks waiting over an hour to meet the performers. "I saw some folks I hadn't seen in awhile, like Dottie Tiger who used to live in Washington, DC -- and my mom & dad's friend Ladonna," said Arigon. "I was also thrilled to meet Albert Cata, who is a DJ up in Santa Fe. He was real enthusiastic about my music -- and I am not sure who was more thrilled to meet who -- AAAY," she laughed.

The autograph line finally begin to dwindle around 12:30 AM. "We sure hope we get invited back to Sky City Casino. The folks there really treated us well -- and the audience was just fantastic."

[That's Arigon with Marla Billey, Miss Navajo Nation. Ms. Billey was a great comedic partner to Elaine Miles. We SWEAR Elaine could be the new Roseanne!]



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