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January 25, 2006

Arigon with an adorable sheepPOSTCARDS FROM THE RED ROAD!


Arigon stops in at San Diego State University's "Theater of the World" Festival on Saturday, Feburary 4!

For those of you in the San Diego area, we've got a treat for you! You can be the first Starrwatcher on your block to see a preview of "The Red Road" on Saturday, February 4th.

The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians and San Diego State University will present a multicultural theater festival at the SDSU's Performing Arts Plaza. Arigon is performing "Postcards From The Red Road" at 1:00pm and another show immediately afterwards. Tickets are available the day of the show at the Don Powell Theater box office. If you have any questions about the festival, contact SDSU's Theater Department at (619) 594-6884.

"Postcards" is a teaser of some of the characters in the full production," said Arigon. "You'll get to meet Verna Yahola, the owner of the All Nations Cafe; Patty Jones, a Grand Ole Opry country star; Emmitt Tsinajinnie, the Cafe's Navajo frycook; Richard and Bonnie Doolittle, high-minded Native Activists; Etta Walters an Ojibway who lives for Bingo; Danny Dacron, world-famous punk rocker and Merle Yahola, Jr. -- the best looking Indian trucker in Creek County." How does she keep track of all of those characters? "It's the magic of acting, AAAAY," laughed Arigon. You will also get to hear some of the new songs from Arigon's first release in four years "The Red Road -- Original Soundtrack Recording." "There is a lot of country, rock, folk, and punk music in the show," said Arigon. "I think folks will find a style and a character they like."

Tickets for the show are a mere $6.00 -- plus you'll have bragging rights that you've seen the show first. Come on down!

January 3, 2006

Arigon with Janene and DianeHAPPY 2006, Y'ALL!


Arigon makes a brief guest appearance on "General Hospital" -- and records a new CD!

While most of us were out trying to buy gifts for Christmas, bake cookies or get those Christmas cards mailed, Arigon Starr was doing what she does best -- acting, writing and singing! She has been in the recording studio in Los Angeles and Nashville working on tracks for "The Red Road" CD and has taped a scene on ABC-TV's popular daytime drama "General Hospital." She has also been nominated for an award on Roscoe Pond's Hollywood website, been featured in a short blurb in the Los Angeles Times about Native Voices At The Autry -- and went on a two-week road trip along Interstate 40. [That's Arigon with her cousins Janene Alford and Dianne Guthrie during Arigon's show at the Cherokee Casino in Oklahoma.]

GrandparentsFirst, let us tell you all the scoop about The Diva's "General Hospital" gig. "I have been watching GH since I was a kid," said Arigon. "My grandma, Flora Cornell used to tell me and my sister Gay to finish our chores before noon so we could watch the stories. I sort of made this a habit, AAAY!," she laughed. [That's Arigon's grandma Flora Cornell with grandpa David Cornell in Tulsa in the early 1970's. That sure looks like a bowl of Chipper Ice Cream to us! AAY!] Arigon grew up watching "All My Children," "One Life To Life" and "General Hospital" with her grandma, sister and whoever else might want to see what was going on in Pine Valley, Llanview or Port Charles.

"The closest I ever got to GH was when I was a trustee for First Americans in The Arts. One year, the organization gave Choctaw actor Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) an acting award --- and the actors who played Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) and Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) showed up for the ceremony," she remembered. "I never really dreamed I'd actually ever be on the show."

Ingo RademacherDuring the summer of 2005, AFTRA's Roxanne Brown set up an interview with General Hospital's casting director Mark Teschner. "I thought it went okay -- but again, didn't think they'd ever call me in," she smiled. The call finally came in during late December -- and Arigon was cast as "Courtney's neighbor" in a scene with GH's resident hunk Ingo Rademacher. [That's Ingo's photo -- he was wearing clothes in Arigon's scene! AAAY!] Most of you know that Ingo Rademacher is Jasper "Jax" Jacks, a weatlhy business tycoon whose marriage to mobster Sonny Corinthos' sister Courtney has been on the rocks! "GH and Port Charles is almost as exciting as what's going on in Tulsa, LA or Nashville," she laughed. "I think I know some of the storylines on GH better than I should," Arigon guffawed. Here's some trivia -- some of Arigon's best friends have been on the soaps. Both Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz of Native Voices at the Autry were on NBC's "Days of Our Lives" -- and director Ken Martines ("Kino & Teresa") played a baddie on ABC's "Port Charles." Arigon and Ingo's encounter is brief -- but it's a lot of fun. "One of the crew members joked that I was like 'Nurse Betty,' (the character played by Renee Zellweger in the comedy film of the same name) -- because I seemed to know everybody's business," Arigon laughed. "It was a really great set to work on. Everyone was really nice -- and man, that Ingo is something else! I also can't explain to you what a thrill it was to walk past the sets for the General Hospital reception hub and the lobby of the Quartermaines' mansion," she said. If you want to catch Arigon's performance, it's scheduled for FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th. "General Hospital" is on the ABC Network and airs Monday-Friday (3:00-4:00 p.m., ET; 2:00-3:00 p.m., PT). You can also see "GH" on SoapNet -- which is offered by many cable systems around the country. Check your TV Guide for correct times. Finally, a Kickapoo-Creek in Port Charles! There goes the neighborhood. AAAAY!

Arigon on Tee-VeeAI AWARDS

Roscoe Pond has added Arigon's name to the hat for the third annual American Indian LA Film & TV Awards. Check out his site for all the nominees. You can find Arigon in in the "Best Guest Star TV" category for her stint on Showtime's "Barbershop: The Series." You can vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH. The winners will be announced on Friday, February 17th in Burbank. Good luck to everybody -- and be sure to vote early and often.


Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott were featured in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, December 25th. In the "Faces To Watch" segment, Native Voices at the Autry was singled out as such:

Native Voices
Theater company

Native Voices, a theater initiative to develop and present plays by and about Native Americans, had a modest launch in 2000 at the Autry National Center.

This year it came of age with its largest professional production: "Kino and Teresa," playwright James Lujan's reworking of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," set in 17th century Santa Fe.

The "overwhelmingly positive" response, says Native Voices co-founder Randy Reinholz, above with his wife, executive director Jean Bruce Scott, "took it out of the realm of 'Isn't it nice that those native people are doing theater?' to 'Wow, it's good theater.' "

Plans to keep the momentum going include two Equity productions in 2006: "The Red Road" by Arigon Starr, and Diane Glancy's "Stone Heart: Everyone Loves a Journey West," with runs at the Autry followed by national tours — a first for Native Voices.

The company has also embarked on a collaboration with American Indian Radio on satellite to develop "Native American Radio Theatre" programming.

Congratulations! It's great to see such a fine company being acknowledged -- and that our Diva is a part of it! Hooray!

Thaddeus Graham, Arigon and Scotty LundTHE RED ROAD STUDIO GALLERY!

If you're wondering what's been going on with all those cool songs you've been hearing Arigon sing at her gigs this year -- or those ultra-cool songs from "The Red Road" play -- well, wait no more! Arigon and her all-star team of musicians have been working on fourteen new songs. Recording has taken place at Burbank's Mad Dog Studios and Nashville's House of David Studios. The songs are the mixed bag of tunes you've come to expect from Arigon -- everything from the Bob Wills-sounding "Sapulpa Boogie" to the punk rock of "Indian Eyes." "I'm thinking this is the best one yet," said Arigon. "When you see who's on this record, your eyes are gonna bug out!"

We'll have more as the CD is completed, but in the meantime, we have photos from the recent sessions for you to enjoy. Click here for the fun! "The Red Road" CD will be released in March 2006 just in time for the world-premiere of her one-woman show at the Autry National Center. The show is produced by Native Voices at the Autry and directed by Randy Reinholz.

Rosie Flores at the BasementON THE ROAD AGAIN -- THE GREAT DECEMBER 2005 ROAD TRIP!

"I have always wanted to drive from Los Angeles to Nashville -- and now I can say that I done gone and did it," smiled Arigon. She packed up her truck and drove east immediately after completing her "General Hospital" duties. Arigon pulled the first leg of the trip - from San Diego, CA to Shawnee, OK in 23 hours. Straight. "The filming ran late on 'General Hospital.' I high-tailed it out of town as soon as I could. The sunrise over the Arizona desert was spectacular. I saw the sun go down near the border of New Mexico and Texas. I have probably had enough Starbucks' Double Shots to last a lifetime!," she laughed. She made it in to Nashville on a Sunday night and met up with her pal Mackenzi Johnson. "I sure love hanging out with my pals in NashVegas," said Arigon. Author/Journalist Sandra Schulman was nice enough to open her home to Arigon. "Sandra let me know that her roommate Rosie Flores would be around -- and it's the first chance I've ever got to hang out with her. She is amazing!" Arigon and Rosie got on like old friends and she made sure to invite Arigon to her Christmas show at Nashville's The Basement.

Arigon's mom Ruth Wahpecome decided to take the trip home with Arigon and flew into Nashville on a Wednesday. "We finished up at the House of David Studios and then started our Christmas vacation," smiled Arigon. You can read more about the sessions on "The Red Road Gallery" page. Rosie Flores invited both ladies to the Christmas show where they hung out with some of the coolest folks in Nashville, including the legendary Gail Davies. "I loved seeing Gail! She is hard at work on an autobiography that should prove pretty explosive," said Arigon. "She cracked me up when she reminded my Mom -- 'Hey, I'm the one who unbuttoned my son Chris Scruggs' shirt to prove to her that he is a Choctaw Indian.' Gail said -- SEE? Indians don't have hair on their chests!' She is a character," grinned Arigon. Rosie played some great songs from her new Christmas CD "Christmasville." If you want to catch Rosie on the road, she'll be playing The Mint with her hero Wanda Jackson in Los Angeles on January 14th.

Arigon with Gary BennettThe next morning, Arigon and Ruth joined Gary Bennett for breakfast at East Nashville's Shoney's. "That place is a slice of life," said Arigon. Gary caught up the gals on the plans for his newest release "Human Condition," which will be released on February 21st on Landslide Records. "There are some big doings planned in Nashville around the release date. It's a great CD and I hope all of you will go out and buy at least five copies each," said Arigon. Gary was very instrumental in getting Arigon's Nashville sessions underway. "I just copied," said Arigon. "Gary recorded at House of David Studios -- and he introduced me to guitarist Kenny Vaughan. Then Kenny brought fiddle/mandolin player Stuart Duncan into the mix....and I also had the pleasure of working with Richard McLaurin, who was also the engineer for Gary's "Human Condition" CD." Kenny, as many of you know, is a member of Marty Stuart's band The Fabulous Superlatives and is also a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. "We Okies bonded," yukked Arigon. [That's Arigon with her pal singer-songwriter Gary Bennett in Nashville.]

The Morris BunchArigon and her Mom drove on to Lawrence, Kansas to spend a couple of days with her Aunt Olelah "Suge" Morris, plus her cousins David and John. "We're so lucky to have family open doors for us to stay, eat and do laundry," laughed Arigon. They got the "ten dollar" tour of Lawrence, courtesy of Aunt Olelah and David. Both used to work at Haskell Indian Nations University. "I think we got to see everything but the Kansas University campus, but I got my Jayhawk fix at the campus bookstore. They had the goofiest postcards imaginable!"

Arigon's cousin John Morris still works as a golf pro at Eagle Bend Golf Course and lives in a great home with his wife Tracie, their girls Kelly and Lindsey and foster son Dakota. [That's John with daughter Kelly, who he assures us is not always on the phone!]

John, Chuck, Sr., Lois and RuthDuring their stay, Arigon and Ruth surprised their other local friends, The Meads by showing up at Chuck Mead's Christmas gig at downtown Lawrence's Jazzhaus. "Those folks are so nice. Chuck's Mom Lois gave up her seat and we sat with Chuck's wife Brenda Colladay and his dad, Chuck, Sr. They played a rocking show, with new and old tunes. I couldn't believe I was sitting next to Ricky Dean Sinatra, who is the co-writer of one of my favorite Chuck tunes "Jackie O," said Arigon.

As many of you know, John Morris was a classmate of Chuck's at Lawrence High School. John really enjoyed the show -- and greeted lots of his old classmates at the gig.

Ruth and Arigon bid farewell to Lawrence and drove on to Tulsa to spend Christmas with Aunt Susie Alford and a ton of their cousins, including Janene, Yvonne Cahwee and Dianne Guthrie. "I have a ton of second cousins....who seem to be working on the next generation already. AAAY!," laughed Arigon.

The Abbott FamilyThey also caught up with Arigon's actor pal Mark Abbott. Mark relocated to Tulsa a number of years ago and now has quite the brood. Mark's wife Lucille is expecting a child, which was a pleasant surprise ot them both. "We joined them for Christmas Day at their church," said Arigon. As many of you know, Mark was in the film "Naturally Native," which Arigon contributed a song to. "Mark had just purchased a really swank bass guitar for Lucille. It was cool to see her onstage rocking," she said.

Arigon and her Mom took a short drive around Tulsa, which has grown considerably since Ruth grew up there in the 1950's. "I always enjoy when Mom takes time to show me all of the old places she used to hang out."

Meanwhile, there was a huge spread and big guest list at Aunt Susie home. Cousins had gathered from all over the area -- from as far away as Tahlequah. The dinner table was laden with all th usual favorites, including Sweet Potato Souffle, chicken & dumplings and macaroni and cheese.

The next generation!Everyone sat around and told stories the entire day. "We're planning a bigger celebration next year. We're gonna have to rent a meeting hall if everyone is gonna get to sit down!

Sure was fun to see the next generation of Cornell kids -- I wonder what kind of changes they'll make to the world," wondered Arigon. [Here's the next gen -- Tycilla, Matt, Zachary, Robert, Malik and Mykal. Matt is a star quarterback on his high-school team; Zach was named Little Mister Cherokee during this year's Cherokee National Homecoming.] Arigon, Ruth, Aunt Susie, Janene and Yvonne tooled around Tulsa, including stops at the Cherokee Casino and the Woodland Hills Mall.

A few days later, Arigon and her mom Ruth began the trek back to California. They stopped in at the Creek Nation Headquarters and the Creek Council House Museum in Okmulgee, had lunch with Jim and Willie McGirt at the Hamburger King in Shawnee and had dinner with Gary Bennett's brother Travis (and his wife Michelle) in Oklahoma City.

Ruth, Arigon and Travis"Travis and I know each other from online -- but we've never met in person. I've heard so many stories about him from Gary, his sister Mary Sue and their Mom Cathy that he had become legend," said Arigon. Travis and his family live and work in Lawton, OK. "He roared up the road in their brand new Dodge Charger! That was something else," said Arigon. Travis is in the Army and is planning on retiring next year. "He promised to put somethin' on the grill for me next time I visit! I'm gonna hold him to that," laughed Arigon. "Both Travis and Michelle have great senses of humor and kept me and Mom laughing. My face hurt after that visit!"

Ruth and Arigon also stopped in Gallup, New Mexico to visit some old friends and do a little shopping.

Nelly at Ellis Tanner's Trading Post"We had the best time in Ellis Tanner's Trading Post," said Arigon. "They had a good sale going on and we bought some cool things. There was a nice gal named Nelly Dalgai who helped us out and spent time chatting with us. When we finally got around to paying our bill, Nelly nearly lost it when I introduced myself. Believe me, that 'You're a FAMOUS person' reaction doesn't happen to me everyday. Nelly told us that her husband was a big fan of 'Junior Frybread.' She even made me sign a one-dollar bill to prove I was there!" Arigon promised to put Nelly on the website -- and well, here she is!


Arigon is part of the cast for a reading of Mary Casey's play "Seeing The Elephant," directed by Ann-Giselle Spiegler. The show features several stories from the wild,wild west and has a lot of funny moments. Arigon will portray Hamma, an ageless Miwok woman. "Seeing The Elephant" is FREE, FREE, FREE -- you just need to R.S.V.P. to reserve your seat. The reading takes place at the Boston Court Theater located at 70 North Mentor at Boston Court in Pasadena on Monday, January 9th at 8:00pm. Call (310) 444-7794 to reserve a spot. We look forward to seeing a bunch of you Starrwatchers at this fun play reading.




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