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January 24, 2007


The rebroadcast of SUPER INDIAN and the other fine Native Radio Theater plays will be webcast on the Native Radio Theater's website instead of Native Voice One. Thanks to John Gregg for the heads-up! You can still catch these shows on:

Saturday, Jan 27th: 10am, 4pm, 10pm ET
Sunday, Jan 28th: 10am, 4pm, 10pm ET

Be sure to tune in!

January 23, 2007


Arigon's holiday season was filled with family and fun -- and she's already going strong in the new year!

We have some great news for all you Starrwatchers out there. There's so much good stuff, we'll try to put things in order of priority.

SUPER INDIAN "The Pilot" will be re-broadcast on Native Voice One today (January 23) and at the following times:

Tuesday, Jan 23rd: 9am, 3pm, 9pm ET
Saturday, Jan 27th: 10am, 4pm, 10pm ET
Sunday, Jan 28th: 10am, 4pm, 10pm ET

Direct your browser to Native Voice One and click on LISTEN. If you haven't heard the craziness of Wampum Baggs (played by the diobolical Will Robbins of Warm Springs, Oregon radio station KWSO-FM) or Kalani Queypo at Hubert Logan/Super Indian (from TNT's "Into the West" and "The New World") -- what are you waiting for? The program also includes the wonderful radio plays from Rose-Yvonne Colletta and Rhiana Yazzie.


Everyone talks about how popular blogs are these days! Well, writer and Native American fan Carole Levine took time to interview Arigon by phone recently and has published her work on her online blog. Click here for the article. "Native Vue" focuses on Natives in entertainment -- and it's also a great read. Check out Carole's article and let her know how much you appreciate her highlighting our Diva.


Arigon's music is still hitting the airwaves and she's gaining ground in Europe! On Saturday, January 27th, Arigon will be a guest on Sweetgrass Radio in Eskilstuna, Sweden, which is west of Stockholm. You can listen online here -- or if you're in Sweden, tune to KFUM 102.7 FM. The show is live and Arigon will go on during the first hour around 9:00AM Pacific time. Also, Willie Jervis, a DJ on Radio ARA in Luxembourg has requested music from Arigon for his show that airs in this country between Belgium, Germany and France. We hope you'll tune into Arigon's scheduled interview. If you're in Luxembourg, let us know if you hear the Diva on Radio ARA or just shoot them an e-mail and let them know you want to hear some more of the Diva!


Arigon will be traveling north to visit Suzette Amaya's radio program "Think NDN" on Monday, February 5th from 7:00-9:00pm. Think NDN airs on Vancouver's radio station CFRO-FM. You can listen locally on 102.7 FM or online at CFRO-FM. Also, Arigon will be adding her talents to benefit Armenia Miles, the lovely Mom of actress Elaine Miles ("Northern Exposure," "Smoke Signals"). Armenia is feeling much better and is cancer-free, but the family has incurred a lot of medical expenses they need help with. Arigon will be joining a host of talented Native artists for an afternoon concert at the Mt. Virgin Church in Seattle, Washington. The event goes on Saturday, February 10th from 3:00-8:00pm and costs just $10.00 for admission. We're sure Elaine will perform her stand-up act -- and that Arigon will have some great songs to sing. More information is on the Diva Live page and we're sure that the Miles Family will appreciate your support!

Arigon's cover art for Echo LocationNEED A BOOK ILLUSTRATOR? AAAY!

This wonderful illustration (Goache on Illustration Board) was created by Arigon for Carolyn Dunn's upcoming book "Echo Location." The book is set for release in February -- and there is a strong rumor that Carolyn and Arigon are teaming up for a road trip to promote the release. "We're planning a trip north from Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington," said Arigon. "It's been a long time since I've been in Northern California and it's always great to see friends in Oregon and Washington." More when all the dates are set!

HOW WERE YOUR HOLIDAYS? Arigon spent the Christmas Holidays with her family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The family gathered for a nearly once-in-a-lifetime Christmas dinner at the Creek Nation's community center near Jenks, Oklahoma.

The Cornell-Kemble-Alford-Morris-Wahpecome-Willits Bunch"It's the first time we've all been together for a long time," said Arigon. "We had five generations together under one roof -- and the gift giving was fun and playfully hysterical. (Arigon is wearing the leopard-print gloves given to her by her cousin Janene Alford.)

Pictured in the family photo at the right are the first two generations, including Lucy Cornell Kemble who's seated in the center (the half-sister of Arigon's grandpa David Cornell) and the second generation from Left-to-Right: Sue Kemble, Ruth Wahpecome (Arigon's mom), Paula Willits (who's also a member of the Creek Nation Tribal Council), Sue Alford, Terri Kemble, Olelah Morris and Kirby Kemble.

"The afternoon went by really quick. It's probably the most unique Christmas I've had in a long while. What a pleasure to be able to call all of these fine folks my relatives!" smiled Arigon.

Everyone here at Starrwatcher Online hopes everyone out there had a marvelous holiday season, too.


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