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The Tour Continues......Welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska

Inside The VanYou know, people always wonder what the band van looks like from the inside. Swirling thoughts of funny cigarettes, card games and George Jones music come to mind. Dreams of jam sessions, heavy discussions and the writing of classic songs while on the road might even appear.

Reality is quite different. First off, the foremost thing is the never-ending task to keep the van clean and free of weird smells.

Just to give you an idea -- here's a few items on the dash which continued to fuel the trip. Coffee (scorched, truck-stop variety), PB, convenience store bread and Coke.

Aren't those all of the major food groups? AAAY!Road Trip, Anyone?

Oh, and, don't forget to find room for your backpack full of stuff and room to put your feet. Hey, where are my pop tarts??

This was all new territory for me. I'd never quite imagined this part of the country just so. Yes, there was lots of corn -- but it was also a slower pace and more friendly than I imagined. John Gregg, one of the big shots at the American Indian Radio on Satellite opened his home to us -- and it took a little while to find him. His family welcomed us -- and we spent most of our time telling stories and jokes. Gay was feeling under the weather -- and John made sure to give her lots of the kids' cold medicine. Nick and I took some time to record some live music especially for John's radio show on KZUM-FM. We did songs like "My Heart Is On The Ground" and "Junior Frybread." Nick even did a passable Elvis impression on "Burning Love." John and Jammin' With John GreggI also had an impromptu jam session -- which he recorded for posterity.

We took some time to take in the Lincoln sights following our gig at Homer's, the local record store. We did a semi-acoustic set to an audience that included John Gregg and our other biggest fan in Lincoln, Eric Martin -- who also works at AIROS. We boogied through a full set -- then did a little shopping around the record store. There is nothing like pawing through CDs on a workday afternoon. Makes being in the rock n' roll business worthwhile.Missing A Corn Hat

There was also time to see some of the sites of Lincoln -- a bustling College town if there ever was one. Knowing that this was the home of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers....I eagerly set out to secure my own "Corn Hat." However, I was sadly denied this privilege. "No, we don't sell those here. The school frowns on them. You'll have to go to Penney's or something," said the guy at the official Cornhusker store across the street from the HUGE Cornhusker stadium. I was led away from the store, packed into the van and driven across town to a used bookstore. That was almost as good. We also managed to live through our first Tornado Watch. Oooh! Scar-reeeee! AAAY!

From Lincoln, it was on to Milwaukee. It was several miles through some kinda dull terrain -- sorry to those of you in Iowa -- I think I slept through a lot of it. We did cross the mighty Mississippi -- and then hit the toll roads of Illinois. Hey, I could have taken that turn to Joliet to visit Joliet Jake...but it just wasn't in the cards! We arrived in Milwaukee tired, but thrilled to be there. It didn't look anything like "Laverne & Shirley," okay! Our downtown hotel was right across the street from the mall, which was a good thing.

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