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February 27, 2002


Arigon took some time out from her busy schedule to attend the Native Grammy Showcase in Hollywood last night. The event was held at the brand new Kodak Theatre Ballroom in the heart of old Hollywood. She saw lots of friends -- including Abel Silvas, one of the recent winners of the Oneida Talent Showcase, Floyd Westerman (his comments on the evening were PRICELESS), Joseph FireCrow (last year's Grammy nominee), Harlan McKosato and Jon Ghahate from "Native America Calling," Gregg and Gabriela McVicar of "Earthsongs," and of course, Rodney Grant. There was a whole lot of drumming going on. Lots of flutes, too. We hope that next year, we'll see some genuine rock n' roll on that stage!


We hope you've been enjoying the sneak peeks of BACKFLIP on Earthsongs the past few weeks. Now, we've told you that there are SIXTEEN new songs, right? Here, for the first time anywhere, are all of the song titles. We'll add more details and sound bites from the tracks in the coming weeks.

    1. Play
    2. I'll Be Around
    3. California Indians
    4. Mountain Windsong
    5. I Think You're All Right
    6. NDN Man
    7. Salmon Song
    8. What's My Indian Name?
    9. All For You
    10. Daddy's Records
    11. November
    12. The Pow-Wow Trail
    13. This Life Is Mine
    14. Edith Keeler Must Die
    15. Share The Road
    16. The Eagle Flies High

February 21, 2002


The Diva will be a guest on Gregg McVicar's "Earthsongs" when it airs LIVE on Berkeley's KPFA-FM this coming Sunday, February 24th at 9:00 PM, Pacific Time. If you want to listen, tune into 94.1 FM if you're in the Bay Area. Luckily for the rest of us, we can listen online at You KNOW she'll play something live and you can expect the conversation to be lively. For those of you who want EARTHSONGS to be played in your area (you know you do!), give your local community or PBS radio station a call, email or send a letter letting them know they need to add this cool show to their program list. If you're listening in the Bay Area, get ready for the fund drive pitch. We hear that they will be offering copies of BACKFLIP as an incentive to support the station.

You can also say "HEY" to her at Saturday's Indian Island Vigil in Humboldt Bay, California.The event begins at 6:00 PM on Woodley Island. If you're coming over, be sure to wear warm clothes and bring a candle.

February 8, 2002


That extra cool radio DJ, Gregg McVicar was presented with a pre-relase copy of Arigon's new disc, "Backflip." To say he "flipped" for it is probably an understatement! He will world-premiere two songs, "Daddy's Records" and "Mountain Windsong" during the program that will air on various stations around the country beginning Thursday, February 14th. "Earthsongs" is heard on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, CA; KUOW-FM in Seattle; KUT-FM in Austin, TX and XPN in Philadelphia among others. You can get a complete listing of stations at You can also listen to the program online by following that link or at, Arigon and Chuck in the Studio

For those of you who are fans of BR549, that hip Hillbilly band from Nashville, Chuck Mead, Don Herron and Gary Bennett perform on both tracks. Don and Chuck joined Arigon in the studios in San Diego. Gary recorded his tracks (with Diva and Producer Arigon supervising!) in Nashville. Here you can see Arigon directing some background singing from both Donnie and Chuck on "Edith Keeler Must Die," a song based on an episode from the original "Star Trek" series.

Don plays fiddle, banjo, pedal steel and mandolin on the record. You can hear Donnie on all of the above tracks. Chuck added his great guitar playing skills on "Daddy's Records" (he is the KING of the Tic Tack Guitar pattern), Gary Bennett in Nashville"November" and "Mountain Windsong." Chuck kept everyone in the studio laughing with his observations -- and Donnie was never very far from his instruments. He brought out one of his "girls" for the session, a 100-year old violin.

"Mountain Windsong" is based on the historical novel by Cherokee historian and author Robert J. Conley. The story tells the tale of two Cherokee lovers separated by the Trail of Tears. Gary Bennett adds his warm tenor harmonies around the sad, lovely story. Gary also did ALL of the backing vocals for "Daddy's Records," which is a song Arigon wrote in honor of her father, Ken Wahpecome. You can also hear Gary singing on the tracks "I'll Be Around" and "Share The Road." If you are wondering if there are any clear favorite songs from the new record -- just ask Gary. The wacky BR singer is crazy for "The Salmon Song," which is a punk rock tribute to wild Salmon. He even added the lyrics from the chorus ("I will....Come back!!") to his song "Even If It's Wrong" during their last gig at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas! Kids these days!Cowboy Keith and Gary Bennett

Those of you who are friendly with the band's road crew will recognize Cowboy Keith Thompson. He was the engineer for the Nashville sessions. Cowboy Keith will also be utilizing one of Arigon's songs on his upcoming album. Every song is about the world of Big Rig Truckers -- and Cowboy Keith asked Arigon to write him a song about a Native American trucker. Keep you ears open -- Arigon will be playing the song about a Shoshone truck driver, "The Red Road" at her upcoming concerts.

When doing the sessions, Arigon found out some really cool things about theThe gang in the studio! BR549 guys -- they're funny, talented and also Native American. Chuck Mead is part Osage, Don Herron has an unknown tribe in his background (he's from West Virginia) and Gary Bennett is Creek/Alabama-Coushatta and Cherokee. The jury is out on drummer Shaw Wilson and bass player Jay McDowell. If they're Native, they're keeping it to themselves! <wink!> Both gents were sadly missed during these sessions....but Arigon had already done the backing parts with her touring/recording band. BACKFLIP will be released in April 2002. Information about pre-ordering the CD will be here at Starrwatcher Online before you know it!


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