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February 18, 2004

Arigon and Robert Tree CodyARIGON FANS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Miss Starr takes a tour of Southern California to help promote "Please Do Not Touch The Indians"

Armed with posters and postcards, Arigon took to the streets last weekend to get the word out about the upcoming Native Voices At The Autry production of "Please Do Not Touch The Indians." [Check out that link -- their new website has lots of information about previous productions and bios on the Advisory Board members, etc.]

Her first stop was the conference sponsored by the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians at San Diego State University which featured speakers talking about the environment. Spirit of the Land also featured the incredible film "In The Light Of Reverence," which featured some of Arigon's Wintu friends (Mark Franco and Caleen Sisk-Franco) who live near Mounta Shasta in Northern California. "I had no idea of the magnitude of their struggle -- or those of the other two tribes featured in the film. It was beautifully photographed and was a tale well told. See it if you get a chance," enthused Arigon. You can read more about "In The Light Of Reverence" at the Sacred Land Defense Team's website.

The conference also featured musical performances by Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Keith Secola, Robert Tree Cody and Annie Humphrey. [That's Arigon with Mr. Cody from the Nammys a few years back.] "It was great to see these performers -- and I was surprised to find out that Annie Humphrey was a fan of mine," smiled Arigon. "I gave her a copy of BACKFLIP and she said to me -- 'Oh my god! That is YOU!! Wow! I have been hearing about you for ages!' That was pretty cool." There were lots of other Native folks around including Jonathan Joss & Tim Sampson, who have started a new band called "Red Corn." [Those of you who are "King of the Hill" fans know that Jonathan is the voice of John Red Corn. Tim is the son of the famous actor Will Sampson.] Floyd didn't disappoint with his performance. "He did a mini-tribute to Johnny Cash that included I Still Miss Someone and Sunday Morning Coming Down," said Arigon. "Keith Secola also invited me, Mara Peters (drummer Nick Peters' sister) and Annie Humphrey onstage to be part of his "Frybread" song. It was a dang hoot!"


If you are in the San Diego area on Saturday, February 28th -- Arigon and Nick Peters will be performing a short acoustic set to help benefit a Masonic Organization. Those of you who know Arigon's mom Ruth Wahpecome, know she is a tireless volunteer for many different groups, including Daughters of the Nile and Eastern Star. Ruth and a team of volunteers will be making her famous "Indian Tacos" from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. There is an $8.00 door fee - but that includes the food and Arigon & Nick's performance. Location information is on the Live Dates Calendar.


Arigon also took time out to visit the campaign kick-off rally for former Morongo Chairperson Mary Ann Andreas. Tribal chairman, local council folk, a bunch of Indians and people like Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante were in attendance to help Mary Ann get elected to the 80th District Assembly. She is looking for volunteers and financial support -- so take a minute to visit her website at If she is elected, she will be THE FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN elected to the California State Assembly. Go, Mary Ann, Go! We are proud of you!

February 10, 2004


Native Voices at the Autry are bringing Arigon back as The Wooden Indian Woman in the world premiere of Joseph A. Dandurand's play!

Los Angeles Diva fans -- your prayers have been answered. Arigon Starr will return to the Wells Fargo Theater in March for the three-week run of "Please Do Not Touch The Indians." The latest production from Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott of "Native Voices at the Autry" will preview on Thursday, March 18th and officially open on Friday, March 19th in Los Angeles at the Autry National Center. Tickets for the shows will be on sale through the Autry and

"I had to endure a couple of grueling auditions. They certainly didn't hand me the part," said Arigon. "I am looking forward to the challenge of bringing life and humanity to the Wooden Indian Woman. The script by Joseph Dandurand is packed with lots of emotion. But -- I promise you I won't chew the scenery! AAAY!" Joining Arigon in the cast will be Andrew Roa and Uzziel Martinez, who were also in the staged reading of the same play last November. Also on board are actress Tontanzin Carmelo and actors Kalani Queypo, Stephan Wolfert and musician Vincent Whipple. Randy Reinholz will direct the play.

More information about dates, times and ticket prices can be found on the Autry National Center's website. We hope to see carloads of Indians at all the performances. Please Do Not Touch The Indians will run at the Wells Fargo Theater from March 18 through April 4. [The above photo of Arigon was taken at the Garden of Memories Cemetary in Metarie, Louisiana. She was visiting the gravesite of singer Gram Parsons -- and was joined by a special little Praying Mantis friend during her visit.]

Miss Martha and her BoysARIGON IS A WINNER!

No, Ed MacMahon didn't stop by to give her one of those oversized checks you hear tell about. She has been recognized by Native American arts organization First Americans in the Arts for her performance as Martha Kakina in last year's "The Buz'Gem Blues." Arigon will pick-up her trophy in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 20th. "But isn't she ins the PLAY that weekend??" you cried. Don't fret, Diva fans! She will do her evening performance in Please Do Not Touch The Indians -- then head downtown to pick-up her trophy. Michael Horse, who played Amos in the same play is also being honored for his work. Michael will also be the host of the evening's show -- so you might think about buying some tickets, kids. More information can be found on the First Americans in the Arts website. Congrats to all the winners -- and we thank for FAITA for honoring our Diva. We always knew she was good! AAY!


During Arigon's recent show at the Sky City Casino in Acoma, New Mexico she took time to talk with Navajo Times' reporter Jan-Mikael Patterson. He wrote a lovely write-up of Arigon's show. Take a minute to check out this cool article online at The Navajo Times website. You'll enjoy a unique "native" take on Arigon's recent performance.


Didn't you feel sick watching OutKast perform in Native drag during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 8th? Ugh times infinity! We really like their music -- but the costumes and imagery used was straight out of a bad Hollywood movie from the 1930's. If it bothered you -- be sure to let the Grammy and CBS network folks know how you feel. Hope that next time we see OutKast they won't be quite so offensive.

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