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March 23, 2002

Jollie's Restaurant SignHOORAY FOR KBOO-FM!

Hope that some of you tuned into KBOO-FM in Portland, Oregon last night or listened to Arigon's interview online via It was another wild ride, courtesy of Jim Craven and Spider Mocassin. New tracks from BACKFLIP were spun -- including "Daddy's Records," "Salmon Song" and "The Eagle Flies High." The interview was originally scheduled to run just a half-hour, but the fates conspired to let the show run a whole hour of Diva music and talk. Let us know if you heard any of the show! Be sure to check out the station on Thursdays around 1:00 PM, Pacific Time for "Mitakuye Oyasin" or "Indian World." The two programs alternate each week with hosts Spider, Jim, Eugene and John Talley.

Leslie Jollie!Our favorite quote of the night was about how all roads lead to Jollie's Restaurant in SW Washington. Apparently Arigon's debut performance there on February 28, 2001 has become the stuff of legend, thanks to "Mitakuye Oyasin's" very urbane and literate host Jim Craven.

"I've played there, Donnie Herron met his wife there -- and Gary Bennett has played there, too. It's magical," says Arigon. Jim drove up from his teaching gig in Vancouver that historic rainy night just to see Arigon's show and interview her (in the dining room of the restaurant) for his radio program. For more amazing Jollie's coincidences, you should look no further than Kevin & Ray. The duo plays country standards there often -- and have even become a part of one of Arigon's songs ("What's My Indian Name?"). If you ever find yourself in SW Washington State on the I-5, it's right off the Interstate at The famous PIE!Exit 9 on the east side of the road across from the Fairgrounds. Tell Leslie Jollie (that's her smiling mug to the right) you're an Arigon Starr fan and she *might* offer you some chocolate-peanut butter pie! You can see an not-actual-size photo of aforementioned pie to the left. It only has 5,000,000 calories! Honest!

A big thank you to Gary Bennett -- because if he had not called Leslie to ask her to put Arigon on the stage of the Pow-Wow Lounge, we wouldn't have known quite how fabulous this place is! Or perhaps ever have sampled this delicious heap o' pie!

March 21, 2002

KBOO-FM LOVES THE DIVA!It's Spider Moccasin!

Portland, Oregon is one hip town. If you've never been there, it's like a laid-back Seattle. Really! Cool coffee shops, book and record stores -- it's all good. One of the best things in town is radio station KBOO-FM. They have two Indian shows that alternate every week, "Mitayuke Oyasin" and "Indian World." This Friday at 11:30 PM, PST, Spider Mocassin will host a one-hour special featuring local heroine Nico Wind (she's Portland's own NDN Diva) and Arigon. If you'd like to listen online, KBOO has streaming audio, courtesy of You'll need Audion for MAC or Windows Media Player for PCs in order to hear the broadcast.

Spider Moccasin (pictured above) is a talented singer-songwriter in his own right. Be sure to check him out should you ever come across his name on a marquee! Arigon will be talking with Spider about the new record BACKFLIP, plus playing some music from the record. We hear from Spider that KBOO-FM is ALREADY hip to "Salmon Song," which is a real rocker. The track is getting airplay as you read! AAAY! Be sure to listen in and let us know what you think!

March 4, 2002


As if she couldn't get enough "togetherness" with the local NDN community, Arigon and manager Janet Miner attended the Red Nation Celebration at West Hollywood's House of Blues last week. Nammy winner Star Nayea took a rather bluesy turn onstage -- but the Diva always has the most fun visiting with old friends. Spotted amongst the Native Gliterati was Julius "Josh" Drum, who most folks remember from "Thunderheart." He's getting ready to get back into films. You go, Josh! Also spotted was Tim Sampson, the very talented son of Native legend Will Sampson. As most of you know, Tim has reprised his father's most famous role, "The Chief," in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Tim stars alongside cool guy Gary Sinise (who plays the role of McMurphy, made famous onscreen by Jack Nicholson). "They gave us a standing ovation at the Barbican Theater in London. They don't stand up for anybody," smiled Tim. "Cuckoo's Nest" is going to be hitting the road after it's award winning turn on Broadway (didn't you hear they won a TONY AWARD???). Tim told Arigon that he had seen her win the Nammy Award for "Junior Frybread" in Albuquerque last year. "I was so proud! I was yelling and telling my friends 'Hey, I KNOW HER!'" The Diva has empowered yet another NDN man -- Tim is going to be recording some music of his own in the near future.

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