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March 31, 2004


AIDS Project Los Angeles/Red Circle Project Benefit night needs YOU!

Those of you hemming and hawing about which night to see "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" at the Autry National Center should consider the Saturday 4/3 at 8:00 PM show.


The Red Circle Project, which provides HIV/AIDS outreach to the Native American community in Los Angeles has bought all the tickets for the show and is adding some extra value. Yep, they have done gone and "super-sized" an already great show.

For $25.00 a ticket, you not only get to see a powerful play -- well, Johnny, tell them what they'll get [cue game show music]:

JOHNNY (Native American voice-over -- think Dale Old Horn or Randy Edmonds!): The audience will be treated to a musical performance by Native American Music Award winner Arigon Starr, featuring drummer Nicholas Peters and bassist Thaddeus Graham; a soaring flute performance from musician/jeweler Fred Curtis; a silent auction featuring Lakota Star quilts and other fine items and tasty snacks donated from local area caterers. [Audience applauds!].

If you are interested in this performance, you can purchase tickets via with a credit card or contact Elton Naswood at AIDS Project Los Angeles' Red Circle Project at 213-201-1311 to purchase with a personal check. It's going to be a great night -- we here at Starrwatcher Online hope you'll consider being a part of it!

March 24, 2004

Arigon Onstage with her Trophy!


Arigon Starr is the recipient of the "Outstanding Lead Performance By An Actress in Theater" Award at the 12th Annual First Americans in the Arts Awards!

Arigon, the award and Janet MinerIf you saw a blur of light racing down the I-5 freeway from the Autry National Center towards downtown Los Angeles on Saturday night, it wasn't a UFO. It was Arigon Starr (and trusty Wacky CEO Janet Miner) trying to make it the First Americans in the Arts Awards on time.

The producers of the awards show, First Americans trustees and staff had agreed to put Arigon's award announcement towards the end of their evening so that she could accept her trophy in person.

Arigon had several friends in the audience of "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" on Saturday night -- including her Cherokee friends Terrie Sue Restivo and Kay Cope of Turtle Island Dignity and Education (Arigon is also a member!). "I really hated to rush out of the theater -- but I knew I had to get a move on to get downtown," sighed Arigon. "It was also the last evening that playwright Joseph A. Dandurand spent with us before driving back to British Columbia. Believe me, you might think you have a lot of time, but truly, you never ever have enough."

Arigon, Ruth with Michael HorseArigon quickly changed out of her buckskin stage costume to a stylish Manuel floor length coat (yes, the same guy who does stage wear for folks like Marty Stuart and Porter Wagoner!!), ultra-hip Lucchese cowboy boots and tasteful Native "bling-bling" and rushed to the swanky Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. [That's Arigon with Janet Miner -- who has often been mistaken for singer Annie Lennox. If you ever get a chance -- make Janet tell you the story of the guy in the Nashville airport who swore she was "Miss Lennox" and was practically shaking when he spoke to her! Better yet, if you see Annie Lennox, call her "Janet "and ask her how things are going with Wacky Productions! AAAAY!]

Although dedicated Starrwatcher Online fans know that Arigon is still a "newbie" to acting -- the professionals in the business are getting hip to her talent. Arigon proudly accepted her first acting award ever from the Native American arts organization First Americans in the Arts.

Kalani, Arigon and TonantzinBilled as the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys for Native American performers, Arigon joined a packed ballroom filled with notable Native talent, tribal leaders, proud Moms & Dads and fans from across the United States.

The big winner of the night was the ABC mini-series "DreamKeeper," but Arigon and Michael Horse made quite a splash (Mr. Horse was the host of the evening)! Both recognized for the comedic performances in "The Buz'Gem Blues." Awards were also handed out to Tiffany R. Delorme (a producer on the TV show "Alias"), Tony Hillerman, KTNN Radio and veteran stuntman Norman Howell.

Arigon and her familyArigon made it to the show on time -- and many in the audience complimented her for her poise, charm and very "real" acceptance speech. Several of Arigon's cast mates (Kalani Queypo, Tonantzin Carmelo and Brian Wescott) made the rush to the Awards with her -- as many of the fine folks from the Autry National Center cheered her and Michael Horse on.

Arigon's family (Ruth, Ken and Gay Wahpecome) had driven up from San Diego to be on hand for the Awards show and the opening of Native Voices at the Autry's Please Do Not Touch the Indians (more on that later!). There were lots of stars from Native America in the house -- including Adam Beach (who gave Arigon a hearty congrats on the way back to her table), Zahn McClarnon (who introduced Arigon), Kimberly Norris-Guerrero, Kateri Walker, Chester Knight, Darren Geffre, Jay Allen, the program director from KTNN-AM, Anita Uqualla and many, many more. Michael Horse joked with Arigon and her family -- "Hey, she won't even REMEMBER my name in two years!!"

Jay from KTNN with ArigonArigon also enjoyed visiting with Dr. Duane Champagne (a professor at UCLA and a Native Voices at the Autry advisory board member), Dr. Betty Parent (Brian Wescott's very educated and sweet mom, a professor at San Francisco State and also known as KPCC-FM's "Treaty Lady!"), Aimee and Andrew Vasquez, Monique Sonoquie (producer of Santa Barbara's TV show "Red Rocks"), Micki Free, Alex Rice and the Screen Actors Guild Native American rep Mark Reed. [That's Arigon with KTNN's Jay Allen.]

She also had a wonderful visit with producer and fellow award winner Tiffany Delorme. "You gave the second best award acceptance speech," enthused Tiffany's friends. "Tiffany's was the best -- but we liked your style," her pals told Arigon. Delorme probably had one of the most poignant quotes in the Awards show program. Tiffany's great-grandmother used to tell her, "Your journey will be long and challenging. Walk in strength and courage. Never walk in fear and your journey will be in wisdom and truth." When the night finally ended in the early morning hours -- hugs, best wishes and business cards were exchanged all around.

March 11, 2004


Arigon's name is all over Indian Country for "Please Do Not Touch The Indians" AND the First Americans in the Arts Awards.

Arigon loves taking photos of signs on her road trips. This was snapped outside the Kickapoo Casino near McLoud, Oklahoma. "I felt nostaglic just looking at the gas prices. AAAAAY!" she laughed.

Arigon hasn't had much rest lately as she prepares for the world premiere of Please Do Not Touch The Indians. "The folks at the Autry and Native Voices have really kicked their promotion into high gear," she smiled. "Well, yeh, I helped. I've been getting the word out to the e-mail groups and Native media that I know." Arigon and director Randy Reinholz will be featured on the Thursday, March 18th edition of Native America Calling -- plus an upcoming article in Indian Country Today. The Diva's friends at Canku Ota, Kumeyaay Daily News, News From Indian Country and The Native American Times have run stories. Another really awesome place that is touting the play is Experience LA -- a website that features cultural events all over Los Angeles. Arigon will also be a guest on KPFK-FM's Divine Forces Radio with host Fidel Rodriguez. More press is expected in the Los Angeles Times and other local media this week. As Arigon's pal Yadhira DeLeon at the Autry said -- "If you haven't heard about this show -- you're probably dead or don't have a computer!"

March 7, 2004


Play rehearsals have started and the fun keeps on coming for our busy Diva!

Arigon has been swamped with goodness lately. Her friend and "fan," Native author Sherman Alexie was just named as a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction. His book, "Ten Little Indians: Stories" was nominated along with works by Pete Dexter, Michelle Huneven, Jhumpa Lahiri and Tobias Wolff. The awards will be handed out on Saturday, April 24th at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (where this photo was snapped last year). Get this -- Each winner will receive a $1,000 award. Good luck, Sherman -- and if you win, the lattes are on you! AAAAAAY!


Arigon has been spending a lot of time over at the Autry National Center the past few weeks. Rehearsals for the play have begun. The cast has been finalized and includes Andrew Roa (Wooden Indian Man), Tonantzîn Carmelo (Sister Coyote), Kalani Queypo (Brother Raven), Uzziel Martinez (Mister Wolf), Stephan Wolfert (The Tourist) and Vincent H. Whipple (The Musician). Some other familiar faces are working with the company, including Brian Wescott, who is understudying and assistant stage managing with Michelle Roussell. [Side note about Miss Roussell -- she just got through working in the wardrobe/costume department for the most recent Academy Awards. She had great scoop about how much Uma Thurman hated her designer gown!!] Navajo playwright Rhianna Yazzie is also on board as the assistant director. She is also doing double duty and helping out Native Voices with group sales and publicity for the show. "We got really great news last week," said Arigon. "AIDS Project Los Angeles purchased tickets for an ENTIRE performance of Please Do Not Touch The Indians on Saturday, April 3rd for a fundraiser." Ticket sales are starting to get brisk -- so if you haven't already bought tickets for the show, don't delay. Word is spreading around Indian Country about this show -- and you can tell people you heard about it here first! Tickets are now available at the Autry National Center box office or online at

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