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March 28, 2007

The Wahpecome Family in 2004THE DIVA HAS "REZERVATONS"


Arigon will guest with Dawn Karima on Native Voice One's interview program "Rezervations" this Saturday, March 31

More radio news for you -- Arigon will be a call-in guest to the new interview show on Native Voice One, "Rezervations."

Hosted by Creek/Cherokee host Dawn Karima, the show will feature a fun interview with Arigon where they'll sure to be talking about "Super Indian," "The Red Road," and who knows what else.

You can listen to the show online at on Saturday, March 31st at 2:30pm Pacific Time.

Be sure to listen and let us know what you think!

Some of you might have heard the excellent interview Arigon did with "Native America Calling" on Friday, March 23rd.

She phoned in from Reno, Nevada where she had traveled to see her friends BR549 perform at the Nugget Hotel. "They put on a great show -- and it was so much fun to be out of town watching someone else perform," grinned Arigon.

Several callers wished Arigon well -- and some radio friends from around the country including KWSO's Will Robbins, KZUM's John Gregg and KABR's DJ Jade called to say howdy!

"It was a real honor to be their 'Native in the Spotlight.' They usually only interview the big timers on that segment and it was really neat to know I was in such rarified company," said Arigon.

Hey, she's the Diva! She's at home wherever she's at!

March 15, 2007

The Wahpecome Family in 2004MORE HARDWARE FOR THE MANTLE!

Arigon's CD "The Red Road" has been named "Best Contemporary CD" by First Americans in the Arts.

Exclusive to all our Starrwatcher Online readers -- Arigon's fantabulous CD "The Red Road - Original Cast Recording" will receive a trophy from First Americans in the Arts at their swanky awards show on Saturday, April 14th. The Awards ceremony is open to the public and happens at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. [That's Arigon with her mom Ruth Wahpecome, sister Gay Noble and beloved father Ken Wahpecome in 2004 at a previous First Americans Awards show.]

Arigon has received two previous awards from First Americans in the Arts for her acting work (Native Voices at the Autry's "The Buz'Gem Blues" and "Please Do Not Touch The Indians"), but has never been recognized for her musical talents. "I am so excited about this!," she grinned. "I love all the music I've released, but 'The Red Road' was such a special, personal project." Arigon will be careening on the streets of Los Angeles to get to the Awards program. "Super Indian" will also be taping on Saturday, April 14th at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park. "Gonna be a busy day -- but it's all worth it!"


Be the first caller to tell everyone you saw it on Starrwatcher Online when Arigon appears on the national, daily call-in show "Native America Calling." Produced by Native Voice One in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Arigon will be a call-in guest on Friday, March 23rd. She'll be their "Native In The Spotlight" from 10:00am to 11:00am (Pacific Time). You can also be part of the show by calling 1-800-996-2848. The show airs live on a variety of stations across the U.S. Check out "Native America Calling's" website for a station near you. If you're like us -- you'll be listening online via the Native Voice One website or KNBA-FM's feed. It's gonna be a great show -- and it's been a long time since Arigon's been a guest on this popular show.

February 17, 2007



Arigon returns from an adventurous jaunt to the Land O' Lattes!

Isn't 2007 off to a fast start? No moss gathers under our Diva, Arigon Starr. She just flew in from Seattle and boy are her arms tired......AAAAAAY! Arigon found time to visit with old friends and new and has lots of tales from Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.

As many of you faithful readers know, Arigon has a bunch of irons in the fire -- and is juggling such diverse projects as spec scripts, commisisoned scripts, "Super Indian," singing gigs, promoting "The Red Road" and providing more artwork for upcoming publications.

She's also continuing her column in "News From Indian Country," in addition to checking out all of the Oscar nominated movie projects. "A complete tangent, for sure, but it's important for actors/writers to see what's out there and what people are doing," said Arigon. "Good excuse to knock off work and go see a picture show, ennit," she laughed.

Arigon with Suzette AmayaArigon's first stop was driving to Vancouver, Canada to visit her new friends at "Think NDN," a weekly radio show on CFRO-FM. The station is community based. The show is hosted by the vibrant, beautiful Suzette Amaya, who was joined by D.W. Robinson.

"It's been a long while since I've been to Vancouver," Arigon said. "The city was as pretty and fun as ever. It was hard not to lose focus and shop til I dropped on Robson Street."

CFRO-FM's studios are in East Vancouver, an area that is part of a "clean-up" plan. " Suzette and Darrell both told me that the area is a part the infamous Vancouver serial killer case.

"Some of the disappearances took place near the studio. I'm glad they didn't tell me that ahead of time, AAAY!" said Arigon. "Several of the victims were Native women, which made me incredibly sad. The homeless folks that are still in the area are being pushed further east because the Winter Olympics are coming in 2010."

The hosts expertly talked with Arigon about her recent travels and projects and she performed several songs live.

"There are so many great, young Native folks out there working hard to make sure the community is represented," stated Arigon.

"What a joy to spend time with two committed, connected First Nations radio hosts."

Arigon returned to Seattle and made time to attend a lecture by Pulitzer Prize winning author N. Scott Momaday at the University of Washington.

Elaine and Family"I think everyone knows what a big UW fan I am. Any excuse to hang out in Husky Territory!" said Arigon. Momaday read from his books, plus an upcoming play he's doing about the Original Bear Meets Yaweh. "The Original Bear and God have a very interesting conversation about baseball -- which had the packed house rolling," laughed Arigon.

Many folks from the local Indian community were there including the two local Native Theater companies Red Eagle Soaring's Martha Brice and Frieda Kirk from Red Earth. Both companies are working hard to showcase the talents of area youth and talented professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

Many at the event spoke of the sudden death of filmmaker Phil Lucas. "I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Phil Lucas, but I knew plenty of people who knew him. He directed my all-time favorite PBS special on the American Indian Dance Theater," remarked Arigon. Phil Lucas was beloved by the Native and filmmaking communities. "It felt kind of weird to go to a memorial service for someone I didn't personally know, but so many of the folks who were at the Momaday reading encouraged me to join them at Bellevue Community College."

Hundreds of people gathered at the Carlson Theater on the campus where Phil Lucas taught. "You could just tell that he was an admired and respected instructor and contributor to the Native community.

"Many folks spoke about his mission to remind people that Native people were very much in the present. I sat next to Frank Brown, who was the subject of Mr. Lucas' film "Voyage of Discovery." The documentary told the story of the Heiltsuk Nation from Bella Bella, British Columbia and the return of the Canoe Culture. I had no idea," marveled Arigon. People came from thousands of miles away to pay tribute to the prolific director. "Tears were shed -- but it reminded me that you can never know the impact you make on people's lives."

Arigon also met folks from the University of Washington and the Daybreak Star Center.

"We've got some plans in the works for me to return to Seattle for some community shows," beamed Arigon. We'll let you know when we get the details!

Janet makes a deal in SeattleArigon was also joined by Wacky Productions' CEO Janet Miner during the trip.

"Janet and I love the shopping and eating Seattle has to offer. Plus, Janet's cool sister Ellen Perry lives there. She's a great host and it's always fun to hang out in her hip Central District neighborhood," smiled Arigon.

The pair shopped in downtown, Phinney Ridge, West Seattle and in Fremont. "I make it a point to visit The Red Door in Fremont for steamed mussels," she sighed. "Those mussels are all about yummy!"

One of the high points of the trip was performing at Elaine Miles' benefit for her mom Armenia.

"Elaine and I have been talking about this event since last year. She confided in me that the family was strapped with medical bills from Armenia's cancer treatments. It was a big thing for her to share with me because I think people have this misconception that once you have success, your money troubles are over," stated Arigon. "Health Care in America is in a shambles. The circumstances affecting Elaine and Armenia are playing out everywhere. People can't afford to be sick."

To help the family, several of Elaine's friends organized a fund-raising dinner at the Mt. Virgin Church near Seattle's Central District. "Elaine told me that the Quinault Tribe donated the fine salmon and friends worked all day to smoke the fish. The kitchen was staffed and the buffet table was heaving with food donations from all kinds of folks."

Performers included Arlie Neskahi, Ulali's Pura Fe, violinist/storyteller Swil Kanim, a local drum group and Red Earth's Frieda Kirk.

Elaine Miles and Arigon"It was an emotional day for everyone. I really think Elaine didn't know how many people cared and how much people wanted to help. It was doubly sad when Elaine told everyone that her nephew had recently re-connected with the family. The two of them were close - and her nephew gave her a hard time about not telling people about what the family was going through. The tragic capper on the story was that the nephew had been killed in a car accident the same day as the dinner. I really felt for her. Indian women are supposed to be strong -- but sometimes we go too far the other way and have trouble asking for help when we really need it," said Arigon.

The dinner was a great success, but is a stop-gap towards the increasing medical expenses for the Miles family. "I remember my Mom telling me how many thousands of dollars were spent on the last medical care my father received before he died. My father Ken Wahpecome was chronically sick for fifteen years and had been through a bunch of operations and experimental treatments," mused Arigon. "I'm thankful both of my folks had medical care through the military and their government jobs. It breaks my heart that Elaine had been going through this alone," Arigon sighed. "However, it reminds me that it's okay to ask for help -- and to have faith in friends, family and community to come through for you."

If you're interested in donating towards Armenia's medical expenses, you can mail a check payable to Elaine Miles at P.O. Box 891, Redmond, WA 98073.

"Elaine said folks are continuing to send checks -- especially after hearing about the benefit dinner. There are plans for another fund-raising concert," said Arigon. "It really feels good to help people. You definitely get more out of it than what you put in."


Another awesome event happened during Arigon's Pacific Northwest trip. She was interviewed by award-winning Native journalist Jodi Rave. "I had never expected to hear from Jodi -- because I figured she covered a hard-news beat -- not something fluffy like entertainment," grinned Arigon. "I knew she was an award-winning writer and have read her work through my pals at" Ms. Rave's interview compares and contrasts two different Native "Divas" -- Arigon and up-and-coming singer Maria McGrady. "I sometimes forget I've been at this for ten years," said Arigon. "I don't really consider myself an expert on the music business -- but it's nice to be able to share my experiences." You can read the awesome article online at the Missoulian Online -- plus hear sound samples from Arigon and Maria.

Coyote at the DrumMORE ARTWORK

The fabulous writer Carolyn Dunn has another book coming out soon and she tapped Arigon for some more creative artwork. "She cracked me up when she asked --'Do you have some whimsical drawings of coyotes lying around I can use?' Not much call for coyotes in my world!" laughed Arigon.

However, she set to work and came up with some humorous art for the children's book, Coyote Tales.

"I didn't have a lot to go on as far as what these coyotes were up to, but I really love to study people while I'm out and about. These coyotes are definitely Pacific Northwest inspired. Tell me, you HAVE seen this coyote at the drum, haven't you? I think I dated him! AAAAY!," she guffawed.

We will let you know when "Coyote Tales" is scheduled for release, because you'll want to add it to your Diva collection!

"Carolyn Dunn is such a good soul," said Arigon. "I'm sure anything she sets her mind to do she'll accomplish -- with style!"




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