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April 26, 2002


John Talley and Spider Moccasin broadcast a really cool interview with Arigon Starr on today's "Indian World" program. Songs from BACKFLIP were previewed -- and good stories, too. Hope y'all had a chance to check it out!


Arigon Starr will be appearing this Saturday at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival along with such awesome performers as Lenny Kravitz, India.Arie and Robert Mirabal. Nicholas Peters and Tyler Grant will be onstage for a semi-acoustic performance at around 2:00 PM in the fabulous Native Village. This year, the Jazz & Heritage Festival is featuring the Native Village and paying special tribute to the original people. Right on! If you need more information on the event, check out the Official Jazz & Heritage Festival website.


Arigon will be making a swing through the Pacific Northwest next month. There are two confirmed dates for Portland, Oregon for May 15 and 16th. More information is on the live dates calendar. We'll have more news about this jaunt next week.

April 17, 2002


The new CD release date has been set back a week. You will be able to purchase BACKFLIP on May 7th via and However -- if you're planning on attending the show at the New Orleans' Jazz & Heritage Festival on April 27th -- you can buy it at the show. Virgin Megastore will be onsite and have CDs to purchase from ALL of the artists playing that day -- including BACKFLIP.

Don Herron Smiles!If you can't make the show, but want to be one of the first people to get your copy of BACKFLIP -- we're taking pre-orders here on the website. The price is $12.50 per CD, with a shipping & handling charge of $2.50 per CD. Both Amazon and CDBaby are planning on selling the CD at $14.99 (not including shipping). Sounds like a bargain to me! Plus, if you want Arigon to sign them, she'll do that for you for free. We can only take checks here, so if you need to do this by credit card, you'll have to go to those other online outlets.

Here's the drill: Send a check payable to Wacky Productions Unlimited. Mail the check and who you'd like the CD signed to (yep, she'll personalize them for you) to Wacky Productions Unlimited, P.O. Box 46158, West Hollywood, CA 90046-0158. Wacky expects the stock to be in by May 7th -- and will mail them to you sooner if possible. {Grinning Hillbilly Courtesy of Mr. Don Herron]

April 8, 2002


EARTHSONGS' Gregg McVicar has gone and done it again! He will feature Part TWO of an exclusive Arigon Starr interview beginning Thursday, April 11th. Here's more information for ya:

Earthsongs: Modern Music from Native America

April 11, 2002

THIS WEEK - part two of our conversation with singer/songwriter Arigon Starr (Kickapoo) about her forthcoming album, "Backflip." Arigon delivers thoroughly modern tunes casting Natives as lead characters -- rendering folk and contemporary scenes with a blend of warm sympathy and wicked wit. Also in the mix, new music from Jim Boyd (with Alfonso Kolb), John Trudell, Tulku and Mary Youngblood.

All this and the Native Word of the Day


To listen to a sample of this show or to find more information go to the following link:


The show in Palm Springs was a great success. The weather was pleasant and the crowd was lively. The band did a bunch of favorites, like "Apache A-Go Go" and "Junior Frybread." Tyler Grant (the fabulous bass player from Jamul!) and Nicholas Peters can do no wrong! The program was put together by the Agua Caliente Musuem to benefit the facility that they will break ground on real soon! It was great to see family and friends -- like Deborah Iyall. You might remember her from that cool punk band, Romeo Void. Deborah is a Diva fan -- and a recent resident of Twenty-Nine Palms. Arigon and her pals spent the previous day hiking up in Joshua Tree National Park. If you don't know Joshua is a really awesome desert wonderland. So much more than the U2 album of the same name!


The service for Fern Mathias was so classy, so real and very emotional. Well-known activist/actor/singer Floyd Red Crow Westerman brought up several friends who had great stories about the many contributions Fern made to the Indian community. One thing that really moved Arigon was a group of family photos that showed Fern as a youngster, during the Wounded Knee days and with notables like Buffy Sainte-Marie. Front and center was a photo of Arigon with Fern from a few years back. They both looked like the Divas they are -- proud Indian women! If you'd like to read more about Fern, we've added some of her words from the book "We The People: Of Earth And Elders, Vol. II." Follow this link or click on the photo of Fern.

April 2, 2002


We keep losing good people. Many folks have heard about the deaths of Milton Berle, Billy Wilder and the Queen Mum....but in our world, I think we'll miss Native American activist FERN MATHIAS. If you'd like to join Arigon and others from around Southern California for Fern's memorial service, here is an email from Terrie Restivo, Turtle Island Dignity and Education (TIDE) with more information:

It is with the saddest of times that we send you this news. Southern California AIM Director, Fern Mathias passed away on Sunday (March 31, 2002). Her memorial service is set for tomorrow (Wednesday, April 3) at 3:00 PM...with viewing tonight (Tuesday April 2) from 4 - 8 PM.

The location is:

Chapel of Remembrance Mortuary
500 S. 1st Avenue
Arcadia, CA
Phone: (626) 447-8148
(w block E/O Santa Anita)
(5 blocks S/O Huntington Drive)

As the AIM So Calif Director and as Fern Mathias, Fern did everything she could to protect The People. Even when she disagreed with The People she still was there to help and to defend. She fought for and advocated for sovereignty, for dignity and for pride for all of the Native Nations here on Turtle Island. Fern was an Elder who walked her talk She also spoke words of wisdom in Serle Chapman's book, "Of Earth and Elders." And Fern spoke to many audiences on the quality of life, while living with cancer...a true advocate of life.

Kay Cope, Mark Blackwolf Mendez, Janice and Jon Gradias, Alisa Caldwell, Arigon Starr and I remember her with love. She was our sister, our friend, our Elder, and one of our heroes.

I will always remember a conversation with Fern...she said, "One thought can change the world; and it begins with you and me."

Remembering Fern,

Turtle Island Dignity & Education (T.I.D.E.)
Terrie Restivo, Kay Cope, Mark Blackwolf Mendez
Alisa Caldwell, Janice Gradias, Jon Gradias, Arigon Starr


Arigon will be returning to the Pacific Northwest during the month of May. We'll have more information on dates, times and locations. The other good news is....guess who else is performing along with Arigon at the upcoming New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival? Lenny Kravitz and Indie.Arie. Yep, for real. WOW!

April 1, 2002

Arigon Makes A DealMORE APRIL FOOL'S FOLLIES [Please note the date -- we are just fooling with you, pulling yer leg, honest! AAAAAY! Do Not Take Seriously!]

In Hollywood news, George Clooney announced that he and Arigon Starr are forming a production company and that they have inked a five picture deal with Paramount Studio.

George ClooneyTheir first picture, "Latter Day Saints," chronicles one man's journey to rediscover his roots. Sifting through his parent's belongings after their tragic death at the World Trade Center, Bryce Young (GEORGE CLOONEY) discovers papers revealing his true Native heritage. The Mormon family he thought was his own abuducted him to raise him in the ways of a "true, god-fearing American." He embarks on a journey to reclaim his Native soul. A chance encounter in a New York City Native American museum leads him to his Native American Queen, Regina "Reggie" White Dove (ARIGON STARR). Their road trip across the United States in a 1963 Cadilliac convertible leads them to his paternal grandfather, Sammy Eagle Breath (FLOYD WESTERMAN), who helps him return to his roots by teaching him hoop dancing. His birth parents are played by Tantoo Cardinal and Gary Farmer. No one wants to miss the touching scene reuniting with his blood brothers, Spirit Walker and Steve --- to be played by Adam Beach and Jon Bon Jovi.

The soundtrack features new music by Arigon Starr, Travis, Indie.Arie, Coldplay and a special pow-wow remix of "Wanted: Dead or Alive."

The next film slated to begin production in 2004 is a remake of "A Star is Born," to be directed by Baz Luhrmann.

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