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April 21, 2003


Et C'est Le But!!! All the way from the Duty Free in Canada is a can of Coke Classique -- which features the slogan "He Shoots, He Scores" in French. Love those Canadians and their multilingualism.

Arigon spent her birthday vacation in Seattle and Vancouver Island this year.

No, there weren't any gigs -- just lots of fun, fun, fun. "Yes, it was cold and rainy, but that didn't get me down, man," says Arigon. "There is nothing like hanging at the Red Door in Fremont (near Seattle) and slurping down some steamed mussels!"

Arigon was also spotted spending wildly in downtown Seattle, which is probably worthy of it's own "In Style" type feature.

Miss Mabel and the Kids!Arigon and her friends Scott & Ellen Perry and Wacky CEO Janet Miner spent one evening dining at "Teatro ZinZanni," which is a cross between a dinner theater, five star restaurant and Cirque du Soleil.

A very good time was had by all. They were even able to get their photo taken with hostess Mabel Dean (played by actor Kevin Kent).

Favorites among the performers were Sandra Reaves-Phillips, who could belt out the blues and Les Voila! -- two really funny Canadians!

Arigon would also like to thank all of you for your kind birthday wishes.

Arigon is now back in Los Angeles, but not for long. Let's start with all of our good news first -- and then we'll fill you in on upcoming gigs!

OF EARTH AND ELDERS, Serle Chapman's wonderful book of Native people speaking their minds, has been updated.

The Second Edition features a new introduction from activist/musician/actor John Trudell and a new introduction for Arigon's interview.

Of Earth & Elders BookThere are also some different photos from the shoot she did in Albuquerque a few years back. OF EARTH AND ELDERS also features interviews with Fern Mathias, Floyd Westerman, Steve Reevis -- and everyone from N. Scott Momaday to Wilma Mankiller. If you have the first edition, you know how good it is. When you see the Second Edition, you'll want to get a new copy. Just when you thought folks couldn't improve on a good thing, Serle Chapman goes and proves us wrong. AAAY!

Check out this link to and order your self another copy. It's a *goot* one!

Ferry 'Cross To Vancouver IslandTHE INDOLENT BOYS, a play from Pulitzer Prize-winning author N. Scott Momaday will be transformed into a one-hour radio drama in September. Arigon was part of a group of actors who performed the first run through. The play tells the story of an Indian Boarding School in Oklahoma with drama AND humor -- which is always a part of the "Native" experience.

The production will be presented in September 2003 by the Wells Fargo Radio Theater at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. We'll let you know if Arigon will be part of the final production. We hear rumors the producers are after some heavy-hitters like Gene Hackman (!!) for roles in the drama.

One of the audience members at the reading was actor Max Julian -- who is an icon among African-American entertainers like Eddie Murphy and Bernie Mac. Julian starred in the "blaxploitation" cult-classic "The Mack." He really enjoyed Arigon's performance and told her -- "Oh, don't worry. I know I'll be seeing YOU around!" AAAY! Let's hope Max is right! [That's Janet Miner with Arigon Starr on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo in Canada. Cold enough for you, gals? AAAY!]

The Derailers Are Genuine!GUESS WHO ELSE IS A DIVA FAN? Here are some clues: Country-Western Band based in Austin, Texas. No, it's not Wayne "the Train" Hancock, but Tony Villenueva of The Derailers. Arigon caught up with the Derailers in San Diego and he had kind, complimentary words for both MEET THE DIVA and WIND-UP. Tony and the Derailers are also Beatles fans -- which is definitely reflected in their music. Arigon presented Tony with a copy of BACKFLIP, which he is probably listening to on the Derailers tour bus. If you like cool, honky-tonk music by way of Bakersfield and Liverpool -- you'll LOVE the Derailers. "I've been telling everybody about ya," said Tony. Do yourself a favor and get yourselves a copy of "Genuine," (which is pronounced Gen-Yoo-Wine in Texas!) the Derailers latest record from Lucky Dog/Sony. If you click on the CD cover, you can order one right up from Amazon. Arigon was also able to catch their show at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. They ROCK!

LIVE DATES -- Those of you who visit regularly and actually look at the live dates are probably THRILLED to see Arigon is hitting the road again. She and Nicholas Peters will be live at the Borders Books & Music Store in El Cajon, CA on Saturday, May 3rd at 7:00 PM. Borders charges no admission and is very kid-friendly. Tell your friends and come on down and support the Diva and her music. Borders Stores are also now carrying MEET THE DIVA, WIND-UP and BACKFLIP -- so if you're not able to come to this gig -- you can special order her music from your local Borders stores. Arigon will also be working her way east on I-40 (her favorite highway!) to Tulsa, Oklahoma in June. She is planning on making stops all along Indian country. She will be performing at the upcoming Chilocco Indian School Reunion on Friday, June 13th. AND....we hear rumors that Arigon is touring the Pacific Northwest in August. More on that when the dates are confirmed.

April 1, 2003


[Fools to the left are the lovely Arigon with award-winning playwright Drew Hayden Taylor and actor Michael Horse taken by her pal Shirley Hernandez during the run of "The Buz'Gem Blues"] -- Those of us here at Starrwatcher Online are not unaware of what's going on outside of these walls. If you're like us, you might be:

1. Watching too much CNN

2. Wondering what the heck is up with the Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines! We're confused! AAAY!)

3. Worried you might not have enough bucks to buy gas to get to the next Pow-Wow

4. Listening to NPR or a Pacifica radio station for "the other side" of the story


5. Thinking maybe the lost Indian Trust Fund monies have been located and are on their way to the Middle East or to those guys at Halliburton.

In any case, we wanted to bring you some of our favorite Indian jokes, because if it weren't for our humor, we probably wouldn't still be here. These jokes are especially for those of you Armed Forces people we know who might have some down time and come surfing by. Thanks to Drew Hayden Taylor, Andre Cramblit and his Indigenous News Network, Zane James, Vine Deloria, Jr., Jim Northrup, Sherman Alexie and all of our NDN pals for the following laughs.

Miss Indian World and ArigonFrom the play "The Buz'Gem Blues" by Drew Hayden Taylor

MARTHA: Sonny, tell you what, you come to this social tonight and maybe we'll have a chance to talk again. Besides, that Miss Indian World girl is supposed to show up. I hear she's cute.

SAVAGE: Miss Indian World? Isn't that the Pequot lady from the Foxwoods Casino who played blackjack for her traditional talent and won $24,000?

[1999 Miss Indian World, Mitzi Tolino (who's actually White Mountain Apache & Navajo) backstage with Arigon Starr at the Second Annual Native American Music Awards.]

From Michael Horse, who probably stole this from Charlie Hill -- AAAY!

Q: How do you say good night in Navajo?

A: Hit-The-Hay.

From Andre Cramblit's Indigenous News Network

You could be Indian if.......

  • You could be Indian if someone at a picnic yells "Hey, you with the blanket, over here" and you think it's an invitation for romance.
  • You could be Indian if you put a "Free Peltier" sticker on your truck, and the FBI wiretaps your house.
  • You could be Indian if someone inadvertently points out directions with his lips and you know exactly where he is talking about.
  • You could be Indian if your car starts with a screwdriver.
  • You could be Indian if you don't understand the purpose for storage lockers or their high rental costs. Why, the cars parked in your front yard store just as much stuff, plus it's free!
  • You could be Indian if your head automatically turns at the sound of "shhhhhhhht."
  • You could be Indian if as a young child, learning your ABC's was hard because you wondered what the joke was every time you heard "A" (AAAYE).
  • You could be Indian if you have had a dog named Bear.
  • You could be Indian if your travel luggage is designer black Hefty Cinch Sacks!
  • You could be Indian if you think that the Basic Food Groups are Spam, commodity cheese, frybread, and Pepsi.
  • You could be Indian if your dance outfit is in a suitcase held together by duct tape and pow-wow bumper stickers.
  • You could be Indian if you drive over 25mph and the paint peels off your rez truck. You tell your friends that you are letting Mother Nature sand it for you before you get a paint job.
  • You could be Indian if you see a rattlesnake after a ground squirrel and the first thing you think is "appetizer and main course".
  • You could be an Indian if your car has almost as much personality as you do.
  • You could be Indian if your car's three best friends are Duct Tape, Baling Wire, and WD40.
  • You could be Indian if when you first meet your sweetheart you wonder if he/she knows how to cook frybread.
  • You could be Indian if as you watch an old western with some friends, you are the only one yelling, "Go Cheyenne"

From Zane James in Arizona: Saskatchewan Rez Car

the Ultimate Rez Rocket

From Anishinaabe author & performer Jim Northrup's book "The Rez Road Follies":

(Note: Rez slang: Shinnob=Indian)
Q: How did the Shinnob survive the Great Depression? 
A: I didn't know it was over! 
Q: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 
A: Yah, but it's getting harder to find Pilgrims.
Q: Who invented the Bureau of Indian Affairs? 
A: Someone who was really mad at us! 
Q: When you were young, did you have a town drunk? 
A: No, we all took turns.

From Vine Deloria, Jr.'s classic book, "Custer Died For Your Sins":

In the Southwest, Indians like to talk about a simliar play on words. One favorite story concerns a time when the Apaches and the settlers were fighting it out for control of Arizona territory. The chief of one Apache band was the last one needed to sign the peace treaty. Scout after scout urged him to sign so the territory could have peace. But to no avail.

One day the chief took sick and, because he realized his days were numbered, he called his three sons together and made them pledge not to make peace unless all three signed the treaty. Soon after that the old man died and his three sons, Deerfoot, Running Bear,and Falling Rocks, all left to seek their fortunes with portions of the original band.

Scouts quickly found Deerfoot and Running Bear and convinced them they should sign the treaty. But they were unable to find Falling Rocks. Years went by and everyone in the territory sought the missing band so the treaty could be concluded. Falling Rocks was not to be found.

Eventually everyone gave up except the state highway department. They continued looking for him. And that is why today as you drive through the mountain passes in Arizona you will see large signs that read, "Look out for Falling Rocks."

Some musical humor from Spokane/Couer d'Alene author Sherman Alexie's book "Reservation Blues":

The $1,000 prize money from the Battle of the Bands had disappeared. Thomas, Junior and Victor had each received his monthly stipend of commodity food, but that wouldn't last long. Thomas called small record companies in Spokane, but they weren't interested in the band.

"Indians?" those record companies said. "You mean like drums and stuff? That howling kind of singing? We can't afford to make a record that ain't going to sell. Sorry."

He even called a few companies in Seattle, like Sub Pop. Sub Pop discovered Nirvana and a lot of other bands, but they never returned Thomas's phone calls. They just mailed form rejections. Black letters on white paper, just like commodity cans. U.S.D.A. PORK. SORRY WE ARE UNABLE TO USE THIS. JUST ADD WATER. WE DON'T LISTEN TO UNSOLICITED DEMOS. POWDERED MILK. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. HEAT AND SERVE.

Hope y'all enjoyed the NDN humor. There's lots of it out there!

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