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April 8, 2005

Arigon with Shelley MorrisonARIGON KEEPS ON KEEPING ON

The Diva is still hard at work! She's featured TODAY on's amazing website.

Your Diva has kept her promise to her Dad. "He told me to keep striving for my dreams and to never give up. It sure has been tough -- but I'm still out here trying to make things happen," she said. As most of you know, Arigon's father Ken Wahpecome passed way on March 14, 2005. She had made many committments to folks, including accepting the Maverick Award from the Los Angeles Women's Theater Project on March 17th (that's Arigon with legendary actress and fellow award-winner Shelley Morrison. Shelley currently stars as Rosario on "Will & Grace" -- and some of you from way back might remember her as Sister Sixto, one of Sally Field's side-kick nuns on "The Flying Nun.") You will want to check out Arigon's other favorite website this weekend. She spoke about music with Todd York, one of the website's talented team of writers. The interview is located in the In The Hoop section and has lots of great information and humorous chat from the ever-busy Arigon.

Arigon Actress PhotoShe also made good on her promise to present a staged reading of her one-woman show "The Red Road" during the Feminine Nature Festival presented by the Los Angeles Theater Project. Arigon also completed the photo shoot for Roscoe Pond's Native Hollywood. "I am so honored to be considered one of the Ten Most Beautiful Native Actresses," she smiled. Arigon was joined by Elena Finney, Tonanztin Carmelo, Delanna Studi, Crystle Lightning and Victoria Regina. Talented photographer/actor Vincent McLean sent along this gorgeous shot of Arigon from the recent shoot.

The Diva will also be back onstage this weekend in San Diego with bandmates Nicholas Peters and Thaddeus Graham. They are performing at Borders Books & Music in Carmel Mountain on Saturday at 8:00pm and at Chicano Perk Coffeehouse on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Both shows are FREE -- so get on down to see them. You might even be the first on your block to hear some brand new Arigon Starr music.

She and the band have other dates planned for this month, including a stop at Mother Bear's Gallery in San Pedro, CA on April 16th and Borders Books & Music in El Cajon on April 23rd.

Watch out Nashville -- Arigon is also a special guest during Gary Bennett's set at the Mercy Lounge on April 28th. "Are You Ready For The Country?" is a benefit for St. Judes Children's Research and will also feature a full set from Arigon's other pal, Chuck Mead.

"I can hardly keep up with myself," said Arigon. "But sometimes, there is nothing better than filling your mind with what is to come instead of what just happened. I miss my Daddy every day. I keep wanting to call him and tell him all the exciting news. Yet, I know that he knows everything that's going on now."

We're sure he does -- and that he'd be dang proud of all of her efforts.

March 23, 2005


Arigon's beloved Dad was the inspiration for "Daddy's Records" and will be missed by many, many people.

We're sorry to let everyone know that Ken Wahpecome passed way on March 14, 2005. He had suffered the painful effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis for twenty years. Our friends at have published an obituary for him on their site today. You can read the story here. [That's Arigon with her mother Ruth, sister Gay and father Ken (in the beautiful Pendleton) at the 2004 First Americans in the Arts Awards.]

"We had a viewing and a service for him last week in Chula Vista," said Arigon. "The open-casket service for him was at the First Southern Baptist Church and was filled with hundreds of friends and family. We made sure to play "Daddy's Records" for him. Because he loved "Late Night With David Letterman" so much, my family and I came up with a Top Ten list for him."

We're happy to be the only place you'll be able to see this list -- and maybe reading it, you'll see a little of yourself in the cool guy that Ken Wahpecome will always be.


10. He spoke only the Kickapoo language until he was five years old.

9. He was an amazing athlete. He played softball, baseball and basketball as a youth.

8. He was a movie star. In the early 1970's, he was the focus of a documentary made by award-winning filmmaker Chuck Braverman entitled "He Stands Here And There," which was about his life as a Navy recruiter in the Gallup, New Mexico area.

7. He was the Gallup City Champion in 1971 and the Binictican Golf Club Champion in 1976 and won his first golf tournament at the age of 15.

6. His favorite daytime show was "The Price Is Right" and his favorite late night show was "Late Night With David Letterman."

5. He became a Mason in 1989 and joined Eastern Star in 1990 and served as Worthy Patron in 1992.

4. When he was a young man, he was very active in the Kickapoo Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Maybe because his brother-in-law and golf buddy Sam Morris was a minister? AAAY!

3. He could tell a good joke as well as anybody, but you had to get to know him first. My favorite one was a joke he told me to tell when I was singing onstage. "As soon as you finish, tell folks -- Wasn't that a great song? It was written by the world's greatest songwriter. I have also written many other songs." Or he would say, "When better prayers are written, I'll pray 'em."

2. He loved country music so much he carried his record player and records home from Haskell Institute, a government run high school, when he hitchhiked home from Lawrence, Kansas to Shawnee, Oklahoma.

1. His golf handicap was usually under 7 (you golfers will know what that means), he made a hole in one on Admiral Baker's toughest course (in San Diego). His greatest wish was to be buried in the sand trap at the 18th hole at the Elk's Country Club in Shawnee.

Ken Wahpecome will be inurned at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, California, where his brother Rudolph Wahpecome is also buried. If you'd like to send a note to the family, cards can be sent to Ruth Wahpecome, 125 E. Naples Street, Chula Vista, CA. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the Arthritis Foundation at

March 6, 2005

Arigon with Kalani QueypoHATS OFF TO THE DIVA!

More congratulations are due for Miss Arigon Starr. She is the recipient of a First Americans in the Arts Award -- and has been named one of the Ten Most Beautiful Native Actresses in Hollywood.

Yay for Arigon! First Americans in the Arts have announced the recipients for this year's awards -- and the list includes Arigon for her fine work in "Please Do Not Touch The Indians." "Outstanding Performance By An Actress In Theater" will be handed out at First Americans' gala awards event on Saturday, March 12th at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Arigon's wonderful co-star, Andrew Roa is also a recipient for his work in the Native Voices at the Autry production. "It's going to be tough to get there," said Arigon. "I'm still doing my thing in Kino & Teresa -- and will be making a mad dash for the event as soon as the play is over."

There are still tickets for the event if you want to be there. Check out the First Americans in the Arts website for more information. [That's Arigon with Kalani Queypo, who was Brother Raven in "Please Do Not Touch The Indians."] Arigon has also been singled out from Roscoe Pond's Native Hollywood website as one of the Ten Most Beautiful Native Actresses of 2005. Here's the list of beautiful ladies on the list:

1. Tina Keeper -North of 60
2. Q'orianka Kilcher -The New World
3. Tonantzin Carmelo -Into the West
4. Crystle Lightning -American Pie 4
5. Karina Lombard -Dr. Vegas
6. Jennifer Rice -The Reawakening
7. Elena Finney -Kino & Teresa
8. Arigon Starr -Kino & Teresa
9. Victoria Regina -Kaiser Permanente
10.Delanna Studi -Kick

"It's exciting to see my name with all of these really cool actresses. I've had the pleasure to work with Crystle, Tonanztin, Elena and Delanna. They're planning a photo shoot with all of us, which I'm sure will be on Roscoe's site," said Arigon. You can check out Native Roscoe's Hollywood at Arigon is also featured on this site this week.

Backstage at Kino And Teresa


As most of you know, "Kino & Teresa" has opened to an overwhelmingly positive response. Here's another photo of the cast after a grueling "fight call," where fight captain Ken Merckx worked with the cast to create believable, but very safe fights. "I've never worked with a fight choreographer before," said Arigon. "I found myself hanging out during these sessions to watch how the guys and gals put together some fancy footwork to make those fights look real!" [Pictured are L-R: Noah Watts (Eladio), Robert Vestal (Kino), fight captain Ken Merckx, Scott Amiotte (Mateo/Watchman/Fray Garcia), Sammy Espinosa (Nicolas) and Kalani Queypo.] Speaking of Kalani Queypo -- it was a double bummer for the Kino & Teresa cast to have lost Kalani and Gil Birmingham, thanks for Steven Spielberg's "Into The West" mini-series. Kalani was set to play Cristobal -- and Gil was cast as Governor Vargas. Luckily, both parts were filled at the last minute by the ultra-cool Ehecatl Chavez and loveable Apesanahkwat. Both actors leapt in with both feet and went right to work. Although he has many film and television roles to his credit, this is Apesanahkwat's first theater production. Ehecatl should be familiar to folks who watch Spanish language "telenovelas" -- and he was also recently seen in "Collatoral Damage" and "Frida." We' are anxiously awaiting the Diva's photos from the show -- more to come on this excellent production.

There is still time to catch "Kino & Teresa." The play continues to run through Sunday, March 20th at the Autry National Center's Wells Fargo Theater.


You can be the first on your block to witness the evolution of a theater project on Wednesday, March 30th. The Los Angeles Theater Project presents "Feminine Nature: A Celebration of Women" and features a staged reading of Arigon's one-woman show "Thd Red Road." The show starts at 8:00 PM and there is a $15 donation requested. "Yes, I will playing ALL the parts -- from the Indian trucker to the pesky Native activist to the Indian-loving English Punk Rock star," laughed Arigon. Randy Reinholz from Native Voices at the Autry will be directing the show. As in all staged readings, expect to see script in hand and minimal production values. Also, Casa 0101, where the show takes place is a SMALL theater, so get your RSVP's in early.

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