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August 26, 2005


While we dream of a show starring Charlie Hill, Floyd Westerman AND Arigon -- the folks at Showtime are featuring your Diva in an upcoming episode.

"The best part of the whole audition process was making John Ridley laugh," grinned Arigon.

"Barbershop? John Ridley? Wha?," you may ask. Well, Arigon filmed a guest appearance on Showtime Networks' comedy "Barbershop, The Series" earlier this month. She'll play Native American bank loan officer "Ms. Littlefeather."

John Ridley is one of the executive producers of the series -- and an Arigon Starr favorite. "I heard John Ridley speak on a book about minority writers with Sherman Alexie at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books," she said. "I was impressed with his banter -- and even more awed at his collection of books and screenwriting credits." Mr. Ridley wrote the story for the film "Three Kings" (starring another Diva fave George Clooney) and was behind the cool comedy "Undercover Brother." "We always say, SOLID, around here," she laughed.

Arigon landed the part and reported to work on the Paramount set less the 48 hours later. "I even had my own trailer," she marveled. The entire shoot took a few hours, but Arigon was thrilled to work with the star of the series Omar Gooding. "Really nice guy -- and willing to share the laughs. I can see why they gave him a lead role in a series," she said. The title of the episode is "The Politics Of Money" and doesn't have an airdate yet. As soon as we know -- we'll give everyone a heads-up. Keep checking back! Congrats, Arigon!

August 2, 2005


What are y'all waiting for? Get 'em while they're on sale! [Everyone in the photo has one, including Michael Tischler, Evelyn Conley, Robert Conley, Terrie Restivo, Tom Tischler, Kay Cope and Alicia.]

Okay, so you downloaded "Junior Frybread" from Apple I-Tunes. We applaud you for that. But...there are a bunch of great songs on WIND-UP, BACKFLIP and MEET THE DIVA that don't get played on the American Indian Radio on Satellite, Earthsongs, KBOO's "Indian World," KPFK's "American Indian Airwaves" or on KTNN, KUYI, KWSO, KIDE or KSUT-FM every week.

Click, don't walk to order all three of Arigon Starr CDs. "I don't even sell them this cheap at my shows," said Arigon. $15.00...and some change for shipping....and you can own the music Indian Country has been talking about since 1996. We have also made it easy for you. We've set up a special order page right here (The Sale Is Now OVER -- sorry! However, you can still get all of Arigon's CDs on for $9.99 each!) that has direct links to each of the CDs on's website. It's that easy!

We know for a fact that Sherman Alexie, Rita Coolidge, Robert Conley, Wes Studi, Vine Deloria, Jr., Joy Harjo, Robert Mirabal, Bill Miller, Buffy St. Marie, Joanne Shenandoah, Blackfire, Brian May from Queen, BR549, The Derailers, Gary Busey, Evan Adams, our friends at, Native Peoples Magazine, Wilma Mankiller, Irene Bedard, Mary Youngblood and many, many others around the US, Canada, England and Australia own and love their Arigon Starr CDs.

Why be the last music lover on your block to own a CD? The special offer will only last until August 31st. One CD is less than a trip to Mickey Ds! It's way cheaper than flying to see Arigon in person in Nashville!

Okay, enough of the hard sell. We just wanted to give all of our faithful supporters a nice summer treat. We hope you can take advantage!

July 27, 2005

Arigon with her kangeroo pal Skippy!THE RED ROAD ROLLS ON!

Arigon's play "The Red Road" is selected for Native Voices at the Autry's Festival of Plays and she's headed out across the country!

As many of you know, Arigon got back from Australia with barely enough time to sleep! "I hit the ground running," she joked. "I got right to work on my play, writing new songs and setting up gigs for the rest of the year. It ain't easy being me," she laughed. Arigon was a participant in Cal State Summer Arts Indigenous Theater Workshop in Brisbane, Australia. She and students of all ages from across many of the campuses of the California State University system and beyond attended classes at the Queensland College of Art. "I loved the people -- especially the Aboriginal people I met there. I'm hoping to go back again next year," she said. We'll feature more of Arigon's photos from Australia in a future news update.

Speaking of news, we have tons of it for you!

The American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) will be airing the radio play Arigon was a part of during the week of August 18th. N. Scott Momaday's "The Indolent Boys" features Michael Horse, Edward Albert, Jr., John Aniston, Zahn McClarnon and Tamara Krinsky. Check the AIROS Website for more information on air times.

Arigon will be hitting the road in early September. She will be performing in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at her friend Robert J. Conley's booksigning event on Friday, September 2nd. Then, she and the band will be hosting a Native Americana Music Night at the 5 Spot Cafe in East Nashville on Thursday, September 8th. The band will also be performing at a benefit concert with John Trudell, Joy Harjo and Tracy Lee Nelson in San Pedro, California on October 1. We'll have more about all of the gigs on the Live Dates page soon.

Gary Busey with ArigonMost importantly, we wanted to let you know that Arigon's play "The Red Road" will be presented in a workshop format at Native Voices at the Autry's Festival of Plays in November. The show takes place on Friday, November 18th at 8:00pm at the Autry National Center's Wells Fargo Theater. The performance will be free, but you'll need to RSVP in advance. Again, more info on reserving seats soon. There's so much going on here it's tough to find time to get the latest information to you.

In case you were wondering, the photo on the front page was taken at the American Indian College Fund gala in Los Angeles. Arigon performed solo acoustic for an enthusiastic crowd, including Wilma Mankiller (an honoree), Wes Studi, Delanna Studi, Harrison Lowe and some of the cast from "Into The West," including Tonanztin Carmelo, Matthew Settle and Gary Busey. Dang, that Diva knows everybody! AAAAY! "I had a fun time talking with Gary Busey," said Arigon. "I had totally forgotten that he was part of a show I remember from my days in Tulsa at my Grandparents home. I'm told I squealed with delight when Wes Studi introduced Gary as one of the stars of the "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting." Gary said he and Gailard Sartain (who played Mazeppa) are working on a new show. Wow!" Leave it to the Diva to cause a commotion in unexpected places, ennit?

May 3, 2005


The Diva is named "Performer Of The Year" in the Storytelling Category by the prestigious Native American literary organization.

Wordcraft Circle, an organization of Indigenous writers and storytellers have announced the recipients for their 2005 Honors and Awards. Arigon is among a group of amazing individuals and organizations who have been tapped for their contributions and excellence in their fields.

"I'm so amazed and thrilled to see my name with folks like Joy Harjo, Devon A. Mihesuah, Tomson Highway and Murv Jacob," said Arigon.

The awards will be handed out on May 14th at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. Wordcraft was started in 1992 and thirteen years later there are now participants from 40 states, 3 Canadian Provinces and 2 countries representing more than 135 sovereign Indigenous Native nations/tribes.  From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific and from Alaska and Hawai'i to Central America, there are beginning, emerging, and established Native and non-Native storytellers and writers ranging in age from 18 to 82 actively participating in Wordcraft Circle.

Congrats on your latest piece of "hardware." We're sure Arigon's award will look great next to the other honors she has received already for 2005. Hooray! A complete list of the winners can be found here.

Backstage at Kino And Teresa


What a great April it's been. Arigon, Nick and Thaddeus have been performing across Southern California. "I like playing at bookstores. There's usually a very attentive audience, plus you get to do a little shopping when the gig is over," Arigon laughed. Those of you who've been at the shows can attest that the band keeps getting better and better.

They also have a bunch of new songs including "Who's A Weepin' For The Weeper," which is a country ballad in the style of Charley Pride; "Farther Along," which sounds like a lost Gram Parsons track; "Mexican Souvenirs," which has been described as Freddy Fender meets Roy Orbison. "We also have had fun doing a surf guitar instrumental of 'Agent 49.' Did you know that Thaddeus was in a surf band in college," said Arigon.

Many of you made the trek to Nashville to be a part of "Are You Ready For The Country?" which was held as a fundraising concert for St. Jude Children's Research on Thursday, April 28. [That's Arigon with Gary onstage at the Mercy Lounge.] Arigon was part of Gary Bennett's set. They performed a touching version of "Mountain Windsong" that literally had folks in the audience weeping. "I wanted to cry when I walked offstage," enthused Arigon. "It was THAT good!"

Gary's new band is an amazing assortment of legendary Nashville musicians including guitar god Kenny Vaughan, bassist Mark Winchester and drummer Jimmy Lester. "Gary's producer/engineer pal Richard was on acoustic guitar and vocals -- and there was this awesome steel player named Pete who just tore my heart out when he was playing on 'Mountain Windsong.'" It was a terrific show and you lucky folks in Nashville will be able to see more of Gary live in the next few weeks. "If you get a chance to see him live, do it!," she said. Gary's new CD should be out shortly and we'll be sure to give y'all a heads-up when it's ready to hit the stores. We hope Arigon and Gary will do another show somewhere down the road.

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