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July 24, 2002

Tina Tafoya and Arigon in Studio 49NATIVE AMERICA CALLING ROCKS!

Just wanted to give a shout out to our friends at Native America Calling. For those of you who aren't familiar with the program, Koahnic Broadcasting in Anchorage, Alaska puts the show on Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Host Tina James-Tafoya (with Arigon and her cowboy hat at the right) capably filled in for regular host Harlan McKosato. Koahnic does a lot of good work for the NDN community. They produce other great shows, like "Earthsongs" and "National Native News" -- plus are behind one of the coolest music stations around, KNBA 90.3 FM in Anchorage. Arigon and Harlan have something in common -- he grew up in McLoud, Oklahoma, just miles away from where Arigon's dad Ken Wahpecome was raised. More power to Susan Braine, Jon Ghahate, Nola Daves, Cassandra Shumate and Amber Clayman. You folks ROCK!


Arigon had the pleasure of meeting lots of her avid fans in person during her trip through the Southwest. One of the funniest stories came from Jay Monarch, who visited with Arigon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jay had been travelling along the I-40 and stopped in a truck stop (the infamous Holbrook Truck Plaza!) and overheard a huge, grey-bearded truck driver singing "There goes Junior Frybread...." Turns out the guy had bought Arigon's CD and played it in his truck on many long haul drives.

Another young fan called into KSHI-FM in Zuni to ask if Arigon liked horses and if she had one. Well, just so you know, Arigon doesn't own any horses yet! However, the young fan (Howdy, Chassidy!!) came over to the station and gave Arigon a Zuni Horse Fetish that had been crafted by her dad.

One of the most truly touching moments came during Arigon's show at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. A group from the Intertribal Deaf Commission were in the audience. Their interpreter, Tupper Dunbar, provided sign during Arigon's set, so his group could "listen" to Arigon's music. After the set, the group told Arigon they had Cherokee heritage and loved the song, "Mountain Windsong." One of the participants, Martha, asked Arigon if she could hold the guitar while she played "Mountain Windsong." Martha's face broke into a huge smile, then her eyes watered as she felt the vibrations of the tale of the two Cherokee lovers separated by the Trail of Tears. "When I was a young girl, my father would play Hank Williams songs on his guitar. He would let me feel the guitar's vibrations so I could hear the music," said Martha. There were some happy tears and a group hug. The group were also HUGE Robert J. Conley fans and knew the story of "Mountain Windsong" very well. Tupper also provided his sign for Arigon's show at the Indian Summer Albuquerque Pow-Wow. We think people might have enjoyed watching Tupper do his signing a litte bit more than watching Arigon sing! AAAAAAY!

July 22, 2002

Tina Tafoya and Arigon in Studio 49SLAMMIN' & JAMMIN' IN THE OLD SOUTHWEST!!

Arigon just returned from New Mexico and Arizona...and boy is she tired! "Those people out there are so neat," she says. "They fed me way too much frybread and now I'm going through withdrawals....AAAAAY!" You can listen to Arigon's interview with Darlene Lee on KTNN-AM 660 this evening. The program can be heard through most of the Western United States beginning at 9:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. [Remember -- Arizona is one of the few states that doesn't recognize Daylight Savings Time!] Here's Arigon with the beautiful Tina Tafoya, who was filling in for regular Native America Calling host Harlan McKosato. While she was there, she also taped an interview with Rose, one of the rotating hosts on KUNM's Indian music program "Singing Wire."

Nicholas and his Beary Best Pal!MORE FABULOUS NEWS!

For those of you acquainted with Arigon's band members, drummer Nicholas Peters got some great news this past weekend. Nick is very active in the Gay community in San Diego, through his organization Bienestar. He was named Mr. Gay Pride 2002. He'll be featured at the San Diego Pride parade and festival which takes place on Saturday, July 27th. More than just a pretty face, he's helping his friends in the Latino and Native communities celebrate pride in their heritage and lifestyle. Everyone here at Starrwatcher Online salute Nick and all Gay/Lesbian/Bi and Transgendered folks around the world. As Bill Porter said about his gay friends in that cool TNT movie "Door-To-Door," "God doesn't make mistakes." Good job Nick! We're all proud of you!!!!

Slewfoot and GarySLEWFOOT? WHO'S SLEWFOOT???

Many of you who visit this site are also regulars at least we hope you are! If you check out the message board on a regular basis, you'll notice some posts from a character named "Slewfoot" who sounds a LOT like Arigon Starr. "I took that handle from one of the songs on BR549's first record, 'Live at Roberts.' It's an old bluegrass number called 'Ole Slewfoot' and talks about a bear that ain't never been caught or never been tree'd -- definitely a bear of renown." Webmistress SuSu Green, who's the creator of the original BR549 Convoy site and lately the Queen of All She Surveys at added a special section to the board called "Slewfoot Central -- About All Things Slewfoot." You'll enjoy Arigon's humorous posts about life on the road, her latest records.....or just silly stories about the various members of BR549. If you like the music of BR549 or just need something lighthearted to read -- check out the message board at!


Arigon's friend, Kathy Sahmie at KUYI-FM checked in to let her know that her short stop at the radio station yesterday morning had a lot of impact on their listeners. Here's some of what she wrote:

Hey, just wanted to pass along some words. After you left, I checked the answering machine and you got several calls. One lady said to have a safe trip and that she hasn't heard any musicians in a long time that seem to be genuinely happy with what they are doing. Another caller said that she couldn't believe that you were really here. All positive stuff. Thank you again for stopping by. Sunday was a great day. Oh, another caller wants me to start the next country show with "Daddy's Records."Cool huh?

Thanks, Kathy -- and all that just goes to show you the power of positive thinking and the charm o' the Diva!

July 19, 2002


Arigon is cutting a wide swath through the desert Southwest. She has been visting radio stations like KTDB-FM in Pinehill, New Mexico on the Ramah-Navajo Reservation, plus KSHI-FM in Zuni, New Mexico. She was interviewed by local radio hosts Irene at KTDB and Philana at KSHI. She also sang live on the air and took questions from callers. "They sure love 'Junior Frybread' out there," said Arigon. "It always brought the house down."

Another track that is bringing the house down is "Daddy's Records." "When the radio folks found out that BR549 was on the record with me, they went nuts," smiled Arigon. Apparently, BR549's first disc still gets LOTS of airplay out on the reservations. "They all really loved 'Daddy's Records' and the down-home country style of Chuck Mead, Don Herron and Gary Bennett. I think it would have been neat for them to see how much Indian folks love their music around the country!" [Photo above is from one of BR549's many shows Arigon attended last year. This was a stop in Tempe, Arizona. They were part of George Strait's tour -- and you can see the multi-talented Professor of Country Music, Don Herron, proudly wearing his Arigon Starr t-shirt.]

Arigon continues her assault on New Mexico and Arizona with shows at tonight's First Annual Indian Summer Pow-Wow in Albuquerque. She's performing at a VIP Luncheon at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, then playing over the dinner break at the Pow-Wow at 4:00 PM. If you want to check it out -- it's only $1.00 to get in. It takes place at the old Albuquerque Indian School on 12th street, right across from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. If you want MORE Diva music, you can see Arigon back in Window Rock, Arizona on Saturday around 1:00PM at the Navajo Nation Shopping Center, over at the Native Trends store. There is also ONE more gig in Chinle, Arizona on Saturday night. "Travis Terry, my Pima Indian flute-playing friend, is hosting a show out there in Chinle on Saturday. He also promised to give me a tour of the beautiful Canyon De Chelly," said Arigon. You just never know where that Diva is going to turn up! There will be more stories from the road next week....maybe even some pictures!

July 9, 2002


Those cool folks at the American Indian Radio on Satellite (most folks know them as AIROS) have recently revamped their website. As if that wasn't cutting edge enough, they are also featuring Arigon Starr this month! John Gregg, Eric Martin and webguy Michael Lach have put together a terrific site. You'll want to take a look at all the new bells & bookmark the site to tune into NATIVE AMERICA CALLING on WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 at 1:00 PM EDT. for Arigon's live appearance. Cool beans, AIROS! That's John Gregg, picking a mean electric guitar at his home in Lincoln, Nebraska!


Well, it had to happen sometime! Arigon will be making a swing through the Southwest to promote BACKFLIP. She will be interviewed LIVE on KTNN-AM, plus appear at Kanyon Plaza in beautiful Window Rock, Arizona. All this will happen on TUESDAY, JULY 16th. There are also other appearances in the works. When we get the full schedule, we'll post it here on the site. If you see a wild Indian woman driving a rental car, downing Mountain Dew and Chester's Popcorn (only available in the finest Truck Stops and Gas Stations)'ll know it's Arigon!


iRichie, Arigon and Lilyt's Nammy Time again!! The ballot is up and ready for voting for the Fifth Annual Native American Music Awards. Arigon is pleased that so many of her friends have been recognized for their fine work. Richie Plass, Menominee and member of the Wolf River Band (pictured at the right with Arigon and his wonderful Oneida wife Lily) received a nomination for Best Folk/Country Artist, while pal Jim Boyd received multiple nominations. [Speaking of JIM BOYD -- did anyone catch his fine performance of the "Star Spangled Banner" at the opening of the Fourth of July fireworks at Seattle's Gasworks Park? The show was broadcast live in Seattle on King 5 TV!! DANG, that man can sing!!!] Even Arigon's friend Natay, the notorious Navajo rapper, was called out for his fine music. The public is again invited to vote online at We hope you'll take the time to go vote for your own favorites and maybe even attend the awards program. The big shindig happens on Saturday, September 7th during the Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Good luck, everybody!


Arigon has invited a very special guest to join her onstage at the upcoming gig in Portland, Oregon. Now, we all know the Diva has many, many musician which one do you think will join the Diva, Nicholas Peters and Tyler Grant in music and song? Jay Begaye? Keith Richards? Mary Youngblood? Travis Terry? Tommy Wildcat? Gary Farmer? John Trudell? Spider Moccasin? Sherman Alexie? Wayne Hancock? Richie Plass? Brian May? Delphine Tsinajinnie? Gram Parsons? [Yeh, right...uh-huh. Yep. - Ed.] Jim Boyd? Shaw Wilson? Natay? Rita Coolidge? Luke Warm Water? Tony Villaneuva of the Derailers? E-mail who you think it is...and if you're RIGHT, we'll send you something neat in the mail. Promise!

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