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Hubert Logan is Super Indian!SUPER INDIAN IS ON THE WAY


Arigon Starr and Janet Miner head to the world's biggest comic convention -- San Diego's Comic Con -- to talk up "Super Indian!"


We know you've been waiting with baited breath -- and here's your first look at "Super Indian," the comic book version of the radio comedy series Arigon wrote.

"I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil," said Arigon. "However, I was a little worried this type of art was beyond me."

We at Starrwatcher scoff that she was ever worried, until Arigon revealed the many steps in creating a comic book character.

"I was lucky I had my script to start with," she smiled. "At least I knew what Hubert Logan/Super Indian was like as a person. I just wasn't sure what he was going to look like doing it."

Drawing on her years of creating comic book characters for fun, she got out her pencils, pens, brushes and ink.

"Believe me, it was delicious fun drawing away in the sketch book. But there was big hurdle I had to jump after getting the drawings finished. I know a bit about Adobe Photoshop -- but there is a whole school of scanning artwork, digitizing and adding color on a computer!"

Well, as you can see, Arigon might win the title of "Queen of All Medium," because we don't know many pop stars turned actors turned writers turned comic book artists.

"This has been a terrific personal challenge! I was doing all this artwork in addition to writing and submitting a spec script of the television show "House" to the ABC/Disney Writers Fellowship and my regular music career."

All we can say is....DANG.

The massively popular Comic Con in San Diego begins today.

They've already got a full house for their events on Saturday, July 27th -- and everybody from Nicholas Cage to the cast of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Heroes" will be on hand to talk up their upcoming projects. "I went to the convention last year as a fan -- and I was overwhelmed by the scale! The programming for Comic Con is pretty eclectic. In one room you could listen to folks talk about making 'Star Trek' relevant for the new milliennium or listen to Deepak Chopra and comic writer Grant Morrison talk about the philosophy and life teachings of the comic super hero. Cool!"

Mega Bear![That's Super Indian's sidekick, the loveable, huggable "Mega Bear" in the purple tights.]

Arigon will be stopping by and talking with all of the biggies, including Marvel and DC Comics.

"I'm going to meet as many people as I can. You just never know what is going to happen," she grinned. We certainly wish our Diva luck and hope that all the doors open and that "Super Indian" will be on a comic book stand near you!

If you dig the look of the comic book and want more information on the comics and radio comedy show, there is a brand new website that features "Super Indian" and all his friends -- and foes -- at

"I'm so excited for people to take a ride with me and the folks from Leaning Oak," laughed Arigon. "It's like a whole new world out there, except a bunch of your friends and cousins are there laughing with you."


Have you ever been stirred from slumber at 3:00 AM, wondering exactly what "Edith Keeler Must Die" is about? Or maybe you're thinking about following Arigon on the road and wanted to meet up with Arigon Starr fans in a distant city? Well, our pal Mary Sacredheart has your number. She recently started a Yahoo Group list called "Sacredheart's Starrwatchers" that offers Arigon fans a chance to interact with other fans. "I met Mary last year in Nashville and really enjoyed talking with her. She's a take-action kind of gal. Mary also runs the Yahoo Group list for my pal Richie Plass' band Flying Feather," said Arigon. The group already has over 400 members -- so get on the stick and join. Follow this link and you'll be taken right there. Arigon is a member of the list and will answer questions from fans. We're sure it's going to be a fun list and encourage folks to get involved and meet like-minded folks. [EDITORS NOTE: SADLY, THIS EMAIL GROUP IS NO MORE -- IF YOU WANT CURRENT NEWS, PLEASE JOIN OUR LIST USING THE LINK IN THE UPPER LEFT-HAND CORNER OF THIS PAGE.]

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