An old movie still with Indians and a cowboy

"The best way to find out an Indian's history is to tell it to him." -- Tim McCoy, so-called "Indian Expert" to the film industry from 1925-1968.

Please Do Not Touch The Indians book

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this amazing writer and poet.

Interested in reading about American Indians in film history? Check out these titles on

Wiping The War Paint Off The Lens: Native American Film And Video (Visible Evidence, V. 10) by Beverly Singer and Robert Warrior

A great reference book for images of Native Americans in film. We've seen also seen this book at Samuel French Bookstore in Hollywood -- which is THE information source for the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

You can also check out The Celluloid Indian, which references one of our favorite books about Indians in Hollywood, "The Only Good Indian: The Hollywood Gospel" by Ralph and Natasha Friar. The book was originally published in 1972 by Drama Book Specialists/Publishers New York and is an amazing reference guide to Native films prior to blockbusters like "Dances With Wolves."

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They put a white guy in tan make-up
They put a black wig on his head
It's no wonder we ain't on tee-vee
They all think we're dead

They write songs and they make movies
About Indians long ago
All those pictures never look like
Indian folks I know

Please do not (please do not)
Touch the Indians
It's my world
My only home
Please do not (please do not)
Touch the Indians
Way ya hey ya
Way ya hey yo

Old time westerns show warriors
As fools and as a liars
Cartoon Indians dancing around
A captive set on fire

A producer takes a call
From a studio on the phone
They want him to make "Geronimo"
With Sylvester Stallone


A so-called expert gave Hollywood
Knowledge that was a gem
"The best way to learn their history
Is to tell it all to them."

Don't expect to do much learnin'
From movies or Tee-Vee
They'll put Tipis in Seattle
Or Buffaloes in Chinle

Vocals, guitar: Arigon Starr
Snare Drum: Nicholas Peters
Bass: Thaddeus Graham

Written by Arigon Starr
© 2004 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission

This track was recorded by Gregg McVicar and John Watanabe following Arigon's performance at the Grassroots Radio Conference in August 2004. The entire interview can be heard online at Listen to EARTHSONGS every week! The show features amazing music and interviews from a wide variety of Indigenous artists.

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