"Twenty one days not a wink of sleep/Gotta belly fully pills and a bottle of heat," opens the track "18 Wheels And A Crowbar." Country group BR549 released this track on two of their releases, the debut disc LIVE AT ROBERTS and on the studio disc BIG BACKYARD BEAT SHOW. As a crazed trucker "takes the human toll," the listener might wonder what happened to that guy's significant other. Arigon performed this song live at her most recent Borders Books & Music stop in El Cajon, California. This track is presented to you EXCLUSIVELY on Starrwatcher Online. No, it's not on any of her CDs and you can't buy it anywhere. It's for you -- right here -- for FREE. Enjoy!

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A moment etched in memory
The day that took my man from me
They say he went crazy -- I don't know
I stand before you
A Trucker's Widow
Twenty One days on the road
Won't leave you with a pot of gold
Tried to make him stop -- he said no
I stand before you
A Trucker's Widow

Gone before I said goodbye
Down that lonesome road

Eighteen wheels that have no soul
I stand before you
A Trucker's Widow

Vocals, guitar: Arigon Starr
Congas: Nicholas Peters

Written by Arigon Starr
© 2003 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission


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