Arigon’s New Play “Indian Life” at the New Native Play Festival

Arigon on the Air

Arigon on the air in Minneapolis with Juanita Blackhawk


This winter, Arigon worked and researched a new play.

“There was an amazing radio program that began in 1943 in Norman, Oklahoma. It was a two-hour program that ran once a week called “Indians For Indians” that brought community news, traditional language and songs to a wide area of central Oklahoma,” said Arigon. “My dad, Ken Wahpecome was a big fan of the show as were many Native people in the area. They loved listening to the down-home friendliness of host Don Whistler, plus knowing where all the local Pow-Wows and dances were taking place.”

The festival is being produced and staged by the Oklahoma City Theater Company. This is the first year of the festival and three different plays will be read before a live audience. We’ll have all the information for you next week! Mark your calendars for the reading of “Indian Life” on THURSDAY, MAY 27TH at 7:30pm.

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