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Arigon is in San Diego getting ready to join the throngs of creators, artists and fans attending the annual Comic Con in San Diego. She’s been busy creating the ongoing story of “Super Indian” and is getting farther along into the “Hubert’s Blog” storyline. “I’m excited to see where the story is going,” she said. “One thing that has really come clear to me — the more you do the work, the better you get at it. I was able to crank out three full pages last week and that was personal best.”

For those of you who haven’t been following the story of Arigon’s comic art, she’s been at this since she was a child. Her early work followed her heroes, The Beatles and she branched out with other superstars like Elton John, Queen and The Who. “I had an eclectic love of comic art — including Saturday morning animation, “Archie” comics, MAD magazine and the excellent artists who created “Creepy” and “Eerie” magazines. Recently came across a bunch of my teenage artwork and had a laugh at my movie parodies, which were much like the great spoofs in Mad,” she laughed. “Although, I was a kid then and not quite as clever as those Mad guys!”

In addition to her comic book work, she’s been traveling. In early June she attended the annual National Federation of Broadcasters convention in San Francisco. Her hosts for the conference were the fantastic folks at RadioCamp — Gregg and Gabriela McVicar. As many of you know, Gregg is the host of the wildly popular “UnderCurrents,” which is syndicated on hundreds of stations across the U.S. Arigon was invited to perform at a special reception during the conference and at a special honoring luncheon for radio legend Peggy Berryhill.

Arigon with her friends at the NFCB Conference

Arigon with the NFCB All-Stars

Peggy Berryhill is also a Muscogee Creek woman. She was instrumental in starting many folks in their radio careers, in addition to being a radio producer (the funny “Club Red” with Charlie Hill was one of her shows) — and now she’s starting a brand new Native radio station on the Northern California coast, KGUA-FM. She also is a cancer survivor. “At last year’s NFCB Conference in Minneapolis, a group of us said special prayers at the Mississippi River for Peggy’s recovery,” Arigon revealed. “I sang the Creek hymn “Helelulyvn” for her. My friend (and another radio legend herself) Susan Braine asked me to sing this for her at her honoring luncheon. It not only brought folks to tears — it brought the house down. I think it was the best I ever sang it!”

Arigon also did a short, solo acoustic music set at a reception at the hotel. She was joined by the awesome Patrick Landeza, who is a Hawaiian slack-key wizard and fine singer to boot. Many Native radio stations were at the conference, including stations from Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico and California. The most memorable number of the night was Arigon’s rocking acoustic version of “Indian Land Forever.”

After the show, Arigon took some time to record some special acoustic tracks at Gregg’s studio. Gregg recently installed a vocal booth and Arigon was the first honored musician to record live music. Hopefully, the tracks will be part of a future “UnderCurrents” broadcast. We’ll keep you posted!

More updates to come from San Diego. It’s sure is fun to follow the Diva!


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