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Lisa and Audrey with Arigon at Phoenix Comic Con

Who bought a "Super Indian" comic first? Lisa and Audrey at the 2012 Phoenix Comic Con.

A happy June to all in the Diva Universe!

It was a super successful and fun trip to the 2012 Phoenix Comic Con. The hard work comic artist/creator Jacques La Grange performed to put together the “Natives in Comics” panel and the group booth space on the Trade Show floor paid off.

I got into town on Thursday and went straight to the Convention Center to set up. It was great to have my Dad’s Pendleton blanketĀ  to grace one of the booth’s tables and add a little “Indian-ness” to the space.

One of the other great things about the group booth was having the resources of Jonathan Nelson, a Navajo graphic designer and artist. He brought his comic creation “The Wool of Jonesey” to the booth, but also his expertise in design. He not only thought up and suggested the name “Indigenous Narratives Collective” or INC….but he designed an awesome banner featuring a professional logo and artwork from myself, Jacques La Grange, Ryan Smith and Jon Proudstar.

Indigenous Narratives Collective banner

Here's the awesome Indigenous Narratives Collective banner designed by Jonathan Nelson.

The banner was eye-catching and a lot of folks stopped in to visit, chat and check our work because of it.

Jon Proudstar was there to introduce the re-boot of his comic from 1990s, “Tribal Force.” After a long hiatus, he’s back with a full-color comic that picks up where the old “Tribal Force” left off. Jacques La Grange’s “Shadow Wolf” is still a work-in-progress, however he’s getting closer to a final comic that I’m sure will be a best-seller. Also on hand was Ryan Huna Smith, who a lot of folks know from Jon Proudstar’s original “Tribal Force,” in addition to his own creations.

As many of you know, “Super Indian” has been running as an online comic since April 2011. It was hard work…but I combined Super Indian #2 (“Here Comes The Anthro”), Super Indian #3 (“Hubert’s Blog”) and Super Indian #4 (“Technoskin”) into “Super Indian Volume One.” Also added are behind-the-scenes stuff like character descriptions, a “Rez Speak” dictionary and profiles of Jim Thorpe and Maria Tall Chief called “Real Super Indians.”

I will have more from the Con in a future post. There’s more good stuff coming down the pike but wanted to share this with you NOW!


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