Fantastic CDBaby Offer

Wes Studi and his copy of Backflip

Yes, that’s famous Cherokee actor Wes Studi with his own copy of Arigon’s CD “Backflip”

Excited to let you know that my favorite music service, has a special deal on until August 3rd that will make a BIG difference here at Wacky Productions. For every MP3 download you buy from now until Friday, August 3rd, we’ll get to keep 100% of the profits.

As a lot of you know, when you sign up to utilize an online music service like CDBaby or iTunes, the bigger company keeps a portion of the sales. The usual split with CDBaby is 75/25 — which is pretty darn good. However, this week we’ll get to keep the 99 cents if you decide to download “Junior Frybread” from CDBaby.

We’ve been working with CDBaby for a long time now. We work with them as an online music retail service, and they’re our web host. They have GREAT customer service and always have an answer for any questions we throw at them. And they’re even nice about! You know that means a lot!

All four of my CDs are up there — “Meet The Diva,” “Wind-Up,” “Backflip” and “The Red Road.” It would be great if you downloaded all four of the CDs….but even if you decide to cherry pick and buy only your favorites…or assemble an “Arigon Starr Greatest Hits” collection…that would be fantastic.

It’s always interesting to see which tracks are the most popular….and it’s often the songs I don’t think people will go crazy for. AAY! I’m so happy these songs are loved by more than just me….and what I joy it will be to lay down some new music for all you.

I would love to get back into the studio….but, dang it…it costs money to do that. You can help!

Here’s a quick link to “The Red Road” which will take you directly to CDBaby:

Arigon Starr: The Red Road - Original Cast Recording

We sure do appreciate your support. Will have more news for you soon! It’s been a busy time and we’re excited about sharing all the good news!

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