LF3 Award and Super Indian Goes To Brisbane!

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The fantastic logo for the Indigenous Narratives Collective designed by Navajo artist Jonathan Nelson

We are all stoked to the max here at Starrwatcher Online!

It was just announced this morning that Arigon Starr is the recipient of the LF3 Award by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. Here’s a description of the award from the Wordcraft Circle website:

LF3 Memorial Award (Wordcrafter of the Year): Arigon Starr
For her work with the Indigenous Narratives Collective in trying to bring more attention to the work of Native American comic book artists and graphic novelists and connect with our youth and communities by tapping into the artistic spirit coupled with good storytelling.


The award will be presented at the upcoming “Returning The Gift” conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As many of you know, Arigon is working feverishly at the moment to get to press “Indigenous Narratives Collective #1,” a collection of comic/graphic novel pages from a selection of Native American comic book artists. Included in the book are creators/artists Ryan Huna Smith, Michael Sheyahshe, Beth Aileen Dillon, Theo Tso, Marcus Moseley/Spider Moccasin and Roy Boney.

Other contributors include Marty Two Bulls and Jonathan Nelson.

The comic book will be available for FREE at upcoming conferences like Returning the Gift and comic conventions around the country. “We wanted to make a small comic to showcase the large talent pool of artists/creators/writers around Indian country. I’m sure a lot of folks will be surprised at the depth and diversity of the work going on around the Nations,” said Arigon.

You can read more about the Returning the Gift Conference here:


You can read more about Wordcraft Circle here:


Here’s more about LF3, aka Lee Francis III, the noted Native writer who the award is named after:


Arigon with a Kangaroo near Brisbane, Australia

Arigon hanging out with a cool Kangaroo at a wildlife preserve near Brisbane, Australia. Note she is wearing her South Sidney Rabbitoh shirt. Go Rabbitohs!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Arigon’s radio script for “Super Indian” is part of an upcoming event in Brisbane, Australia.

Arigon’s friend, Nadine McDonald Dowd is the director of Kuril Dhagun at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane is hosting a series of evening events spotlighting aboriginal and indigenous writers. The series is called “BL.INK: BLACK INK: FIRST AND FOREMOST” and takes place at the Library Cafe in the beautiful Library in the center of Brisbane, Australia.

As many of you know, Arigon performed her one-woman comedy with music “The Red Road” at the Queensland Library back in 2008.

Nadine selected the radio script for “Super Indian” to be part of the series and a group of talented Aboriginal actors will read her work.

Arigon took her original work and did a quick re-write to add Australian flavor to the script. The actors, lead by the awesome Steven Oliver, will be reading “Commod Bod,” which is the origin story of “Super Indian,” where young Hubert Logan eats tainted commodity cheese and gains super powers.

You can read more about BL.INK here:


“This is going to be so cool,” laughed Arigon. “I was able to flesh out my original five minute script and explore the origins of one of the key figures in ‘Commod Bod,’ the mad professor Dr. Eaton Crowe. I always imagined he would be a comic take on actor Russell Crowe, and can’t wait to hear what these very talented and funny folks will do with the script.”

If we’re lucky enough…maybe Nadine and her crew will share a video or audio link with us. We’ll link it up if it happens!

Congratulations, Arigon! Well deserved and we are proud of you!


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