Your Wordcrafter of the Year…Arigon Starr!

Returning the Gift Conference LogoAs many of you already know, Arigon Starr was announced as the winner of the Lee Francis III Memorial Award/Wordcrafter of the Year Award. She’s going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pick up her award in person. The awards are handed out on Friday, September 7th on the Native Circle Stage at the annual Indian Summer Festival.

Arigon received the award for the work she did in organizing the “Indigenous Narratives Collective” and curating and producing a special mini-comic book that highlights members of “INC.”

“I’m excited to head back to Milwaukee,” smiled Arigon. “Last time I was there was back in 1999. It was the an early incarnation of the Arigon Starr group with Nicholas Peters, my sister Gay Wahpecome and bassist Johnny B. We sure had us a time!” [If you want to experience this in the Wayback Machine — Click Here!]

In addition to picking up her award, Arigon will also join her Menominee friend Richie Plass onstage during the music part of the Indian Summer Festival. “We’re talking about doing a couple of songs during their Saturday evening set, which should be lots of fun.” Richie Plass is assembling an all-star group of local musicians who have performed together over the years. “There’s a song I wrote for Richie and his wife Lily called ‘The Menominee Waltz’ which I’m dusting off to perform onstage. Richie tells me that ‘Menominee Waltz’ is a local favorite, thanks to his airing my demo on his weekly radio show.”

Arigon and Lee Francis IV will be presenting a “Natives in Comics” panel during the Returning the Gift Conference and on the Education Day portion of the Indian Summer Festival. Here’s the scoop:

Wednesday, September 5th from 3:15pm to 4:30pm

UW-Milwaukee Hefner Conference Center
3821 Lake Drive
“Discovery Writing – Indigenous Narratives Collective”

If you want to attend the panel, you need to register for the “Returning the Gift” conference. More information is available on their website at Yukhika-lathuse: She Tells Us Stories.

Friday, September 7th from 9:00am-9:50am
Indian Summer Festival – Education Day
Potawatomi Pavilion
Native Comics Narrative with Lee Francis IV and Arigon Starr

More information available on the Indian Summer Festival website.

Indigenous Narratives Collective Cover Issue #0

The cover art created by Arigon for the Indigenous Narratives Collective #0

Arigon will have copies of the brand new 2nd printing of “Super Indian Volume One” and “Indigenous Narratives Collective #0” featuring art and stories from Arigon and these excellent Native American comic book professionals — Marty Two Bulls, Jonathan Nelson, Spider Moccasin, Theo Tso, Beth Aileen Dillon, Michael Sheyahshe, Roy Boney and Ryan Huna Smith.

More reports from the road trip to come!


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