Summer Time in Diva-Ville!

Cover of Shawnee Outlook July 2014Congrats to Arigon, who finally made her way to a magazine cover! This week’s “Shawnee Outlook” features a cover story overview of Arigon’s fantastic career as a singer, songwriter, playwright, actor and comic book creator.

The photo was taken by photographer/filmmaker Christopher Felver and is part of his new book, “American Jukebox.” The book is a collection of Felver’s journeys across America, meeting musicians of all manner of genres. Arigon met Chris in Los Angeles a few years ago. “Chris came to an radio appearance I was doing at KPFK-FM. He was a friend of Charlie Hill’s and when Chris found out I was a musician, he asked to take my photo. I had no idea I’d wind up in a book filled with many of my musical heroes,” said Arigon.

American Jukebox book cover“American Jukebox” includes stunning images of music icons like Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Patti Smith and features Pete Seeger on the cover. The book is a large, coffee table sized book from Indiana University Press and all the photos have in the book are printed in sharp black and white.

You can read more about the book here: The San Francisco Gate

You can order the book here:  American Jukebox via

Arigon also made an appearance on the Mvskoke Radio show on Wednesday, July 9th. Host Gary Fife talked with Arigon about “Super Indian Volume One” and “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers.” The show is available on the Mvskoke Radio website via Soundcloud. Click here to check out the show!

Work continues on “Super Indian Volume Two” and the full book of “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers.”

“The fun never ends here at Wacky,” laughed Arigon. “I love my job. Not many folks can say that.”

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