About Geronimo



Do you know the story very well?
Will you fill in all the parts you know?
About the times
Those scary times
About Geronimo

Were there one or three or more of him?
If there were — then where did they all go?
What is the truth
The honest truth
About Geronimo

In the desert mountains he evaded
Every gun that tried to bring him down
No lack of food or thirst could ever break him
He rose up
He rose up

Some people think that he gave in and died
Some people think he was in Wild Bill’s show
You can’t prove that
You don’t know jack
About Geronimo

Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing(ASCAP)
Lyrics Printed by Kind Permission.

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“I really like introducing this song onstage as — ‘Here’s a song about Geronimo…called About Geronimo.’ So simple, yet really complex at the same time,” said Arigon.

Well, we know what she’s talking about here. Arigon read a book called Almanac of the Dead, which was written by the respected Native author Leslie Marmon Silko. “Her book described an Indian person’s take of the Geronimo legend. A very short chapter in a very big book talked about the concept that Geronimo was not an actual person, but a spirit which inhabited the people when they needed him. I do believe Geronimo is still around.”

There are several sources on the web to read about Ms. Silko and Almanac of the Dead. Starrwatchers take note — if Arigon could start an “Oprah’s Book Club” she would — and might even start you on something as daunting as this novel. It’s not for the squeamish!