Eugene Tooms Is Dead


Eugene Tooms is dead
Eugene Tooms is dead
He lived beneath the stairs
That’s his slime dripping there

He was different
Not really like you and me
He was dangerous
In ways you could hardly believe


He was strange
And completely deranged
The only one of his kind
We will ever find

You better watch your back
He might still attack
He fooled you once before
He slid right through the door.

He had strange tastes
And spent thirty years fast asleep
Oh, he was happy
To live his life as a creep


Eugene Tooms is dead
Eugene Tooms is dead
You know what it’s all about
He really creeped me out.

Eugene Tooms is dead.
Eugene Tooms is dead.

Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by kind permission.

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“He should stick out in a crowd with ten-inch fingers” — Agent Fox Mulder
Arigon is a fan of “The X-Files.”

“Okay…maybe I’m not hardcore and watch every episode….but I like the premise and just love both episodes of Eugene. He is sooo creepy,” cried Arigon. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about the phrase ‘He really creeped me out!’ I needed some kind of creepy subject matter — and rather than write about the usual serial killer or bizaare crime, I took the fiction route. I would love to hear REM cover this song one day. It’s so Stipey!”

Our favorite story about this song is a friend of Arigon’s (Native filmmaker Brian Wescott) who used to work with Mr. Duchovny. He played the song for him on the drive to a location shoot. There was a chuckle, laughter and one comment. “That’s Eugene VICTOR Tooms.”

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