Spirit Guide


Tall and powerful — Buff and Brave
His long dark hair was wrapped in braids
Met him a past life
Could have been his wife
In a different time.

He came back beyond the grave
Gonna make me his mental slave
And everything he says
About UFOs and Elvis
Is completely true.


Indian Spirit Guide
Wrapped in a buffalo hide
The medicine wheels spin in my brain
Are the Indians all dead
Except the one in my head?
I thank God for my Indian Guide

Tried to channel with tarot cards
Spent the convergence in my back yard
My spirit guide knows best
I put him to the test
And he came through

You look Indian — tell me how
Where’s the sweat or the next pow-wow?
Although my skin is pale
I’ve got an Indian tale
I can tell


Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by kind permission.

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“You Indians are SO spiritual,” they cry.

Who are they?

The heaving throng of well-meaning new-age devotees who congregate at new age book stores or conference, elbowing each other out of the way in search of enlightenment.

These activities aren’t unique to Los Angeles — it’s a worldwide phenomena.

The worst offenders are the people who were “Indian in a past life.”

It’s really no good being an Indian today — only those sage warriors from the past will do for these folks. Unless, of course, you’re selling spirituality. Perhaps by leading a special three-day vision quest retreat weekend, complete with Sun Dance, massage and spa cuisine,” said the Diva.

“Many suspect types have asked me if “Doo Doo Heya Heya” is a real chant. I always say, ‘Sure! An Indian made it up!,” laughed Arigon. “Sometimes I tell folks the chant was created by the Motown Tribe of Detroit, Michigan.”

One of the cheesiest sites we’ve seen lately is a guy who “channels” Chief Joseph. Yes, that’s right — leader of the Wallowa band of Nez Perce Indians. After welcoming settlers to his beautiful valley, he was asked to vacate to another location to accommodate the newcomers. A skillful negotiator for his people, he bought the tribe a little time, but was eventually exiled to the Colville Reservation and reportedly died from a broken heart. And now….you can ask him questions and for words of wisdom from the great beyond! Yippee! Guess what — he speaks real *goot* English. AAAY!

You will REALLY enjoy this page about cultural appropriation involving Native American Tarot decks. Hey, this stuff is real, man. We ain’t making it up!