Monsters of the World Unite


My glowing eyes in the dark
Have set you as their mark
Oh, don’t try to escape
Listen now — Let me show you how
You may seen an evil creature
But I’m a freedom seeker

Monsters of the World Unite
Monsters of the World Unite
Won’t go down without a fight
Monsters of the World Unite!!

Now Bigfoot has a plan
Let’s get even with Man
Yes, every monster agrees
Dracula, yah, Chupacabra
Mummies, werewolves and those elves
Should feel free to be themselves


Oh, even the Bat Boy needs a friend
It’s time for the fairy tales to end


Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by kind permission.

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Every Diva is given to flights of fancy.

A longtime monster movie fan thanks to comic books, late night movies, TV shows like “Kolchak: The Night Stalker,” plus “Creepy” and “Eerie” magazines, Arigon envisions a world where Monsters have grown in such numbers they decide to unionize! The song features a virtual roll call of some of her favorite movie monsters.

For those of you wondering who “Barbara” is — she is the doltish blonde of “Night of the Living Dead.” As you may remember, she is taunted in the beginning of the film by her brother, Johnny as they visit their parents grave. They see several zombie like figures coming over the hill and he says…”They’re coming to get you, Bar-bah-rah!” And yes, they are. Johnny is subdued by the creatures and unwillingly joins their legion.

As for the Bat Boy — readers of the Weekly World News have made him a celebrity. He’s part bat, part boy and is imprisoned in a secret location for his own safety. Yeh, right. When is Amnesty International gonna get involved here?

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    • Coast To Coast AM — Art Bell was the original host back when “Monsters” was written. Art was succeeded by host George Noory — who’s been the regular host since 2001. “Coast To Coast” is still a fun show and always gives you something to think about. We’ve lost many nights of sleep thanks to Noory and crew!

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