Tattered Tipi of Chief Seattle


The salmon were running
And the sun was slow in coming
As he crossed the water
He thought about their offer

Another speech then
From the noble Chieftan
Words that get you thinking
And full of guilty feeling


“How can you buy or sell
The earth beneath your feet?”
Time will only tell
Whose words live on
Beyond their time

He’s famous for speaking
The truth about the Indian
And everybody quotes it
Although he never wrote it

The town is known by his name
As all the signs to proclaim
His statue stands so stern
By the Chief Seattle Tavern


Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by kind permission.

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First of all, the Duwamish never lived in Tipis. The Diva is well aware of his fact — so stop the flames, aaay!

There is so much controversy about the famous speech. It’s been rumored to have been written by a Hollywood screenwriter in the 1970’s then reprinted everywhere as gospel. It’s been turned into a children’s book — complete with a cover drawing of a Plains Indian chief in a headdress. “BOING!” No, Sorry! Thanks for playing!

If you’re ready to go on to the bonus round and learn more about Chief Seattle’s “famous” speech, direct yourselves here:

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