Troubled Man


I’m sitting down in the air
No more answers on the ground
It’s where I go to think things through
And sift the lies from the truth

All the world is upside down
There’s no recovery in sight
A telephone pole does me good
My only friend’s made out of wood!

Ooh, what a troubled man
Ooh, what a troubled man
Ooh, what a troubled man
Ooh, with a troubled plan

And if you think I’m a mirror
I don’t know
Gotta work it out alone
I’ve got too much on my mind

My solution has drawn a crowd
Why do they want to bring me down
My hands don’t touch the wire
I better go before they fire

I saw myself on the news
Oh, the video never lies
Like an animal in a cage
Good intentions cause me rage


Written by Arigon Starr
©1997 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by kind permission.

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A song about an actual event.

Arigon saw a story about a man who spent several hours sitting atop a telephone pole.

The story was broadcast on the KTLA news by noted former KTLA newsman Warren Wilson. Arigon remarked,  “Warren described the despondent guy as a ‘troubled man.’ I thought to myself, ‘Duh!’ I put myself in that guy’s shoes….and went crazy for a time. AAAY!”

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