Honor Me


You honor me
You take my name
You cheer it all
Throughout the game

Redskins, Braves and Warriors
Chiefs and other racial slurs

You paint my face
Upon your walls
T-shirts, jerseys
And basketballs

Warpaint, feathers and tomahawks
Cheesy costumes and gibberish talk

Let me share
My evil dream
I’m gonna rename
All of the teams

I want you to know how it feels
When someone trashes your ideals

The Boston Popes
The New York Jews
With names like that
How can you lose??

The DC Priests, the Atlanta Blacks
Let’s hear it for the LA Wetbacks!

Don’t you know
That we live in the world
And we hear every word
And we feel every word

Names are wrong
When they make us a joke
And take our culture away

Written by Arigon Starr
©2000 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission

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“There are so many of us who are tired of being ‘honored’ by sports teams who use our names, traditions and heritage to bolster their images. Those companies wouldn’t dare ‘honor’ any other ethnic groups the way they do Indian people. This song really epitomized the theme of WIND-UP — to take ideas people have about Indians and their culture and set them on their ear.

Some of the best arguments against Native mascots are done by Native youth. This is a piece from Amber Grubb, who reacted to watching the documentary “In Whose Honor?” Great video!