What’s My Indian Name?


His name is Richie
He might be Gus
She might be Susie
Tell me what’s the fuss?


What’s my Indian name?
What’s my Indian name?
You don’t know where I come from
Or what’s my Indian name

You think they’re pretty
You think they’re keen
If you could have one
Would it be obscene?


Yes, they mean something
But don’t say it out loud
No, no don’t ask me
No, no, you can’t know my Indian name

Her name is Ruthie
And there goes Gram
That’s Mary Sue there
Hey Janet and Pam!


There goes Nicholas
Her name is Gay
There’s Mara and Gary
Hey Kevin & Ray!


Written by Arigon Starr
©2002 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission

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Arigon had an interesting discussion with some Indian ladies at a conference. “One of the gal’s all time pet peeve question was ‘I understand that’s what you’re called now, but what is your INDIAN name?’ It’s as if her given name wasn’t “Indian” enough.”

The laundry List of names are all friends and relatives of Arigon. It’s not every day you get to call out your pals in a song!

Those friends are — Richie Plass, Aunt Susie Alford, Arigon’s mom, “Ruthie” Ruth Wahpecome, singer Gram Parsons, Mary Sue Gulzow, Pam Holmberg, Janet Holmberg, Gay Wahpecome, Nicholas Peters, Mara Peters and Gary Bennett.