Edith Keeler Must Die


Wanted peace in her time
No more war – no more crime
But her timing was wrong
And the man who loved her would someday cry

Oh, Edith Keeler must die
Oh, she will never know why
Fate and future depend on her plans
And demands.

Her ideas were so bold
How could she have foretold
She’d be loved by a man
Who knew he’d have to leave her behind


Although his love was unspoken
There were sparks in his eyes
But he’d return
To the skies

Was her life really key?
Did his love set her free?
Some things you cannot change
Destiny can be cruel and unkind


Written by Arigon Starr
©2002 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission

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Edith Keeler is a character from the original Star Trek series. In an episode by Harlan Ellison (a very famous science fiction writer), Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock travel back in time to rescue Dr. McCoy, who has fatally altered the timeline of Earth by saving the life of social worker Edith Keeler. Joan Collins plays Edith — it’s classic Trek! Kirk, of course, falls in love with her before realizing he must let her die in order to save all mankind. This episode was recently named in TV GUIDE’s Top Ten of all Star Trek related shows. It’s unforgettable! Don Herron really fires this up with his amazing fiddle work.

Wondering where the song title came from? Check out this clip from the original, classic “Star Trek” episode.