Until Freedom Comes


We’re gonna stomp around
Like we own the place
We’re gonna make the rules
For the human race

We will teach the children
To hate “The Man”
One day we will make
Our stand


But for now
I’m the crying Indian
Until freedom comes

We’re gonna beat them up
Until we hear them scream
Whip them to a bloody pulp
So they know we’re mean

Put sugar in their gas tanks
Then torch their town
Burn, baby, burn to the ground!


But for now
I’m the crying Indian
Until freedom comes

Written by Arigon Starr
©2006 Starrwatcher Publishing (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by Kind Permission

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Arigon Starr as Bonnie Doolittle

Arigon Starr as “Bonnie Doolittle”

Bonnie Doolittle is a wannbe folk-singer and “American Indian Liberation’s Community Liaison Of the Year.” She’s also the gossipy sister of Richard Doolittle and has appointed herself the Indian Police. She comes to the All Nations Cafe to support her brother, promote her questionable music and accuse Verna of not being a “real” Indian. Arigon channels her inner “Yoko Ono” on this one — along with the “Half-Breed” styled “He-Yahs” on the chorus. Oh, by the way, the “real” Crying Indian was Iron Eyes Cody. AAAY! Remember the guy in the canoe, paddling up the trash river….devastated by pollution….one single tear down his cheek? Yeah, that guy.